‘We lost 2 children’

After many controversies and scandals, our reality TV candidates present fewer and fewer product placements. The latter has at least become more selective following complaints from internet users. So to compensate for this deficiency, almost all the influences from reality TV have started sharing YouTube videos. And some channels are experiencing real success, such as those from Bastos, Giuseppa or even Victoria. Last night it was Hilona, ​​who was away from our screens for a long time, giving herself with an open heart in her first video.

Absent mother, filming, painful separation with Julien Bert, new treasureshe decides to explain everything to the smallest detail.

Hilona answers YouTube’s most intimate questions

For his very first video on his channel called Hiloshow, the reality TV candidate stepped out of his comfort zone. Hilona has actually decided to start a FAQ and promises to answer all questions, even those she does not want to answer. Very discreet since The population of Marseille vs Rest of the World 6 aired in 2021, Hilona admits she prefers to stay away from this reality TV environment: “It does not suit me anymore. The last two Reality shows that I hurt myself a lot in relation to the situations. I decided to stop to rebuild myself, but maybe not finally.

Clearly, many questions are about his new relationship with Paul-André.

Hilona says she met the young man in Calvi 7 or 8 years ago, but the latter was in a relationship with a cousin of one of her best friends. In love with him, the beautiful brunette nevertheless knew how to forget him for a time in the arms of Julien Bert met in Princes of Love.I never forgot Paulo, even though nothing had happened. It was an unfinished story … I was in love with a guy in a relationship “says Hilona.

“On the set, I fell in love with Julien! We fell in love and the rest of the story, you know. Paul-André was no longer part of the landscape, and I lived my life with Julian. She then explains it to return to Paulo after this story “passionate, strong and destructive” with Julien was pretty easy, for she already knew him.

The breakup between Julien Bert and Hilona inevitably after two abortions

Hilona is determined to pamper her YouTube video and looks back on her merged but tumultuous relationship with Julien Bert: “I absolutely do not regret my relationship with Julien because it was an incredible story. But I do not regret that it is over either. It’s really better for both of us! I was very bad during this story because with Julien we hurt each other a lot ”.

BUT the question that everyone has been asking for months is the real cause of their breakup. Hilona explains: “With Julien it started in quarrels, we suffered a lot … In hindsight, the mistakes are split 50/50. We do not fit together, we are not compatible! We were about to destroy each other. Julien needs a lot of love. Me, in relation to my childhood, to give love to a mother, I do not know how to do! Hugs and kisses are not my delirium. I give a lot of love, but gestures I find difficult because I have not received much. Julien was in demand all the time and I could not give him what he wanted. “

When Hilona suddenly breaks down and bursts into tears: “Something happened in our relationship that weakened us enormously … I never talked about it. I will. We lost a child twice. I really blamed him. I thought it was his fault because of our fights. It completely ruined me! It was there, it all fell apart because I could not get over it. There was a time when it was not planned, and another time when we wanted it, but we did not succeed … Our couple never got over it and it ended. “

Contrary to rumors of domestic violence circulating, Hilona assures that Julien Bert is a good person and that he has never raised his hand over her. Today, the candidate reassures his fans and claims to be very happy in his new relationship with Paulo.


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