We tested 7 monthly activity boxes for children

At Daronne, we love boxes and we love trying new things. So we have made our selection of the best boxes around activities for children!

After the maternity boxes, this time we address the boxes that are specially designed for children’s activities. They give the little ones the opportunity to use their head and fingers, create, imagine, play and learn. And most of all, it keeps them busy!

1 – The Mini Worlds

The mini-worlds are the editor’s big favorite.

Specifically, it is the (fictional) story of the Duchemin family that set out to discover the world aboard a converted van. Every month we receive a beautiful magazine, which makes us discover the country they are in, with dyes, games, typical cooking recipes, stickers …

While learning a lot of things about each country! There are also derived objects to continue the adventure in addition to educational magazines, such as the board game, the van or the family boat, but also a beach toy set made of environmentally responsible materials …

The mini-worlds are really the guarantee to make your kids discover a lot of cool things, even learning about them and occupying them in a playful and educational way for a good while.

The leaves are sent home every month, and are divided into two installments: 1-3-year-olds and 4-7-year-olds. Personally, my daughter stomps her feet every month in front of the mailbox in hopes of finding a new issue of her Mini-Worlds and can spend hours imagining stories in all the countries she visits in her magazine.

Mini-worlds and the Duchemin van

Here to subscribe for 34.90 for 6 months!

Pandacraft boxes

These lovely creative sets are starting to become known in the parenting world. Besides, we had already told you a lot about it at Madmoizelle! But did you know that there are sets adapted to each age? There are for 1-3 year olds, 3-7 year olds and 8-12 year olds. That way, no one is sulking!

But what else do we find in these boxes? It all depends on the age chosen and the sets change monthly. Overall, it is creative activities that allow children to understand a little of the world around them. In one of the boxes we got at the editorial office, for example, we could make a whole spring garden set and plant our own radishes (which have grown well since then). It was amazing and very well thought out, we loved it.

Panda juice and its little radishes

This way for the Pandacraft subscription for 10 € per. month

HappyKid’s activities

For children aged 8 to 11 years, the HappyKids brand has launched its “surveys around the world”. The purpose of these small boxes received every month? Have your child travel while keeping him slightly away from screens. HappyKids offers to get your heir to visit many countries and use his head with surveys to solve while he discovers the culture of the country he discovers. Cooking recipes, small activities for fiddling and jumping, the trip is played.

In each box you can find:

  • a passport to be filled in while traveling (this is fake, do not get carried away either)
  • a map of the world to color in after visiting a country
  • the material for a quality craft
  • a booklet filled with information about the country, with a great survey to carry out
  • and souvenir postcards
  • but also a sticker with the country flag, a typical cooking recipe, a scientific experiment … and other surprises
happy children
“Around the World Survey” by HappyKids

The monthly subscription for HappyKids from € 17.90 per. month

Small totem boxes

We were able to test the feeding box from the brand Little Totem, and it is not bad at all. Intended for small children (up to two years), it is well-stocked and will be of great benefit to all new parents. Inside you can find:

  • Two illustrated books and their sound of discovery
  • Trading cards to learn about illustration
  • Two new podcasts (one for adults and one for children)
  • creative activities
  • A thematic booklet
  • An accordion book to make
  • Wool felt to handle
Little Totem’s birth box

This way to the Little Totem birth box for € 39.90


You can have fun but also cook. With Sympatoque boxes, this is the case. In each box sent every two months, you can receive a box that helps children understand the importance of fruits and vegetables in their diet, while following the cycle of the seasons. At each box, a fruit or vegetable is highlighted, and we learn about its history, the benefits it has on the body, and how it can be cooked.

In each box you can find:

  • An edutainment book of discovery
  • Recipes easy to make for the little ones (and approved by a dietitian)
  • Organic ingredients for making recipes
  • Utensils suitable for children and reusable of course, so they learn to cook without cutting their fingers.

6 month subscription to Sympatoque for € 70 (or € 25 for each box)

The Lovevery box

Great, these are boxes of toys delivered every other month up to a year – 6 boxes depending on age, 84 euros per. game set – and every three months up to 3 years – 8 boxes depending on age, 126 euros per. game set. You sign up and it’s without obligation!

It’s hard not to fall for these beautiful and well-designed toy sets. It is also a real favorite of the editors! With Camille, before her departure, we tested 4 of the boxes and were not disappointed. Some examples:

Lots of visual and sensory accessories to impress little babies.

  • Box for 16-17-18 months

What a great way to have fun and develop your fine motor skills!


Most: Set with lots of different toys, very well designed, suitable for the specified ages, with beautiful materials (mainly wood, silicone and organic cotton) and high quality production. Each box is accompanied by a booklet and the items are original. Something to accompany babies and children in their development while having fun.

The smaller ones: A bit expensive (although worth the price) and many items are made in China.

This way you can test the boxes according to the age of your heir

Light the Adventure box

Tendre Aventure is a monthly box full of surprises delivered directly to your home. Without binding, it allows you to receive products for the parents and the lump, and this until your child is 18 months old. In each box you can find a handcrafted product made by a designer, which makes it even more appreciated. All the products are carefully selected and the designer of the brand is very aware of the ethics of the products she offers.

In the one I could test, there was e.g.

  • An organic tea-free infusion, compatible during breast-feeding
  • A lotion to wash the baby, without rinsing and composed of flower water
  • A very soft ergonomic wrap
  • Mosquito repellent patches to stick on clothes, stroller, cradle and send a clear message to these dirty creatures: go home.
The Tender Adventure box

This way for the Tendre Aventure box for € 32.90 per. month

I hope this guide will help you see more clearly in the world of baby boxes!

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