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StackinSat today launches its digital safe to enable professionals and individuals to save securely without worrying about storing and securing bitcoins. This digital safe, extremely easy to use, is intended to expand the goal of customers, especially towards the most novice individuals or companies with a problem of managing private keys. This new service will in the coming weeks offer a “Proof of Reserves” system to guarantee customers that bitcoins are well stored in their StackinSat safes. Buy-hold bitcoin will be charged 2.5%, while the cost of the historical service with automatic purchase-delivery on its own wallet, which we recommend as a priority, is maintained at 1.5%. A new sponsorship strategy and incentive to become an ambassador will be launched in the coming weeks.

Who is StackinSat digital safe for?

With this new service, StackinSat will thus cater to individuals who do not want to worry about holding private keys, which can sometimes prove to be anxious for individuals, or even difficult to set up from an operational point of view for companies, especially due to the management of private keys. This digital safe is therefore intended for users who want to open a Bitcoin Savings Plan by delegating the storage and securing of their private keys to StackinSat. It is therefore StackinSat that must make sure to secure bitcoins instead of the client.

One of the biggest benefits of Bitcoin is the ability for its users to self-maintain and secure their assets without going through a trusted third party if they so wish. While we encourage our customers to take full advantage of this technology by encouraging them to own and secure their own private keys, retaining private keys requires knowledge of cryptocurrencies. This process can be complicated and can, if done incorrectly, lead to the loss of private keys and thus the loss of access to your bitcoins. Many do not expose themselves to Bitcoin because it can be very anxious to keep his bitcoins for a beginner, it is not easy for beginners to be his own bank.

StackinSat has therefore decided to launch its digital secure service available to individuals and professionals who do not want to bother storing and securing their bitcoins. Savings in bitcoin remain available without any payout limit. For security reasons, you allow one weekday per. withdrawal for a flat fee of 1000 Satoshis.

Buy-hold bitcoin will be charged 2.5%, while the cost of the historical service with automatic purchase-delivery on its own wallet, which we recommend as a priority, is maintained at 1.5%.

What are the benefits of StackinSat digital safes?

  • The simplicity : Forget complicated digital asset portfolios to implement. Once your bitcoins are purchased, they are automatically stored in a StackinSat box, which securely secures your bitcoins for you.
  • Security : It is part of StackinSat’s DNA, which is why we secure your bitcoins in separate boxes, offline and with a withdrawal period of one working day. Thanks to MPC technology, a single person, regardless of their hierarchical level at StackinSat, cannot access the stored bitcoins. Security audits are performed regularly.
  • A first in Europe, transparency and proof of reservations : We are convinced that Bitcoin companies should be as transparent as Bitcoin, and the latest news proves it to us. For regularly affected by bankruptcy scandals (Mtgox, Quadriga, etc.), the cryptoactive industry must be transparent with users and the regulator. That’s why StackinSat will be the first European platform to perform proof of reserves:

Unlike other platforms, all of our customers’ bitcoins are kept separate using unique digital addresses that are independently verifiable on the blockchain.

We also carry out an annual booking voucher while maintaining the privacy of our customers. Proof of Reserves makes it possible to verify that the trading platforms are actually solvent, that they have all the cryptocurrencies that they claim to have in their personal safes, but also that they are in possession of the private keys. This system will be available and explained in more detail in the coming weeks.

Proof of reserves is important for the whole industry, because in particular it provides an opportunity to combat the fractional reserve system and the problems of insolvency affecting trading platforms. These platforms are, like traditional banks, opaque “black box” companies where very little information about their capital reserves is communicated. What we consider inappropriate with Bitcoin’s philosophy.

This will ensure that your satoshis are not sent over obscure DeFi protocols or lent to financial institutions that like to play in markets with high leverage effects.

Learn more about our booking certificate

  • The commitment : Our customers’ bitcoins will never be lent, provided as collateral, and will never be used for their own account.

How does StackinSat store its customers’ bitcoins?

The vast majority of exchanges secure all of their clients’ bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in a single box. Therefore, their customers can not identify whether these platforms have these bitcoins or whether they are using them to make them grow.

At StackinSat, our customers’ bitcoins are separated into separate vaults that can be identified by a unique address. In addition to being a more secure method, our customers can at any time control the blockchain, transparently and independently, the amount of funds that are secure there.

Overview of our fees related to our offers

This text is a press release. Do your own research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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