[BGL Ligue] Progress also knows how to recycle

First known for its ability to send players into the professional world, Progress yesterday unveiled seven recruits, including returning Dave Turpel and two loan returns: Belmin Muratovic and Kevin Holtz.

Two returnees, a ghost, two open secrets, another brother and a big blow, the last two are still children: By the way, we could classify the seven recruits that were revealed last night by Progrès Niederkorn. Seven, the eighth reinforcement announced at the beginning of the week after knowing, according to Thomas Gilgemann, “an unexpected event in his transfer”, now mentioned in the condition of the president of Niederkornois.

The most discerning heads will have noticed that this classification is quite arbitrary: there are actually three “brothers to”, and four of the seven boys – all first licensed – who presented themselves to the press yesterday could have been placed in the “hospital” . category, wounded or convalescent as they are. Progress does not matter: it hopes above all that in a few months everyone will belong to the “big hits”.

This will require Dave Turpel (29 years old), who we no longer present, but whom we have not seen on a pitch in an official match since February 22, 2020 (in Virton’s jersey), to rewrite and become again the scoring machine he was before covid, and especially before October 2020 and his serious traffic accident, him whose goal counter in the BGL League has stuck at 120 (in 176 matches) since May 2019.

Karayer will have to
fight hard

It will also be necessary for Belmin Muratovic (24 years), who traveled in January to try his luck as a pro in Romania in Iasi, to recover from the rather relative failure of this experience: his 2 assists in 7 appearances did not convince D2 the club to exercise the option, and the playmaker, who was sorely missed by Progrès in the return phase, still did not want to stay in Romanian Moldova.

Here he will be reinstated on Monday, the day of the resumption, in a midfield that will win in creativity, what he has lost in punch and solidity (departures of Skenderovic at F91 and Latic at Swift), thanks to him, but also Kevin Holtz ( 29 years old), back from loan to Atert Bissen (PH), and which the board and the new staff with his agreement have chosen to keep.

It remains to ask for full recovery for the left-handed player, who suffered a serious knee injury this season, which had once prompted Progrès to consider a new loan. Holtz leaves, it is said, from less far than Jader Soares (25), who arrived injured from Etzella, whose armband he wore before being crossed in May.

“Already in the rehabilitation phase” the left will certainly not play again until 2023, which may have weighed in the choice of Progress to extend Metin Karayer for three years and in any case will give a little respite to the French: while waiting for Soares, he should already fighting with another new competitor with long teeth, the international Espoirs Alexandre Sacras, ex-captain of Hostert and already 76 DN matches in 21 years.

Ikene and Bah, guided brothers

Since the arrivals of Soares and Sacra were already known that Turpel’s arrival, seen several times by Jos-Haupert this season, was conceivable, and that Muratovic and Holtz are strictly speaking not rookies, it is at the end of conf. we had to focus on to take advantage of a real wind of change.

Wise, Thomas Gilgemann had decided to present his reinforcements by age, from the oldest to the youngest, allowing him to keep the most delicious, within a day, until the end: the neo-international Sofiane Ikene, launched Tuesday at A’s by Luc Holtz against the Faroe Islands and, as we announced on Thursday, swiped on the F91, with which he has just been crowned champion.

The central defender, whose brother Farid also went through Progrès, is not the only Dudelangeois who has been poached by Progrès: one day older than him (they were both born in February 2005), Mamadou Bah will also join the Niederkornois squad this summer … Like his brother, Issa, three years ago, with the sequel we know (reading frame).

A trained winger like Issa who strengthened him a bit in his choice to pick Niederkorn, Mamadou, who is recovering from surgery after a shoulder dislocation in March, is not only there because his name is Bah, warns Thomas Gilgemann: “He has great potential, and we want him, by taking the time it takes, to experience the same trajectory as his brother.” Did you think Progress would deny itself that way?

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