blow of bamboo at the pump with burning prices!

It is not only the temperatures that register fever outbreaks! The price of fuel has not stopped being close to the top for several days in France. Despite the discount of a handful of euro cents, given by the government. Aid crumbling in the current inflation pattern. When will the government really take responsibility for this issue and the long-awaited reduction in fuel taxes that torpedo purchasing power?



That was 78 years ago … At dawn on June 6, 1944, 156,000 Allied soldiers, mostly Americans, Britons, and Canadians, trampled the land of Normandy. Mostly twenty-year-olds, nearly a thousand of whom were to die as soon as they landed, during the first wave of raids on Omaha Beach. A beach that has gone down in history under the name “Bloody Omaha”, where every year there are still a few, now in the nineties, who come to meditate, the ultimate witnesses to the battles that took place there, and about the bloodshed. This survivor’s gaze seems frozen in emotion and memory … With just the desire to say THANK YOU!


There were thousands of those marching in the streets across France to warn public authorities and citizens about the crisis in hospitals, marked by staff shortages and half-staff care for patients. Overworked, underpaid, understaffed, caregivers wanted to make their anger and despair heard, but without much media coverage. Do we still remember the time not so long ago when we gathered on the balconies to pat them and shout our gratitude to them …?


What a great idea! If we assess from this parking meter installed in the Marine district of Auxerre, then the municipality has decided to offer a balloon to any motorist who wants to park his bus there? With the assurance of being behind the wheel and in the event of an arrest by the police officer, being able to “blow” into the ball, in the literal sense of the word! Even in case of a positive result, end the night there …

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Caramba! Another failure … Invested by the Presidential Party to represent the French abroad, Manuel VALLS was eliminated in the first round of parliamentary elections. A parachute jump that turns into a runway and a new failure for the former prime minister after his candidacy for the local elections in Barcelona failed. Or how to build castles in Spain and … in France!


The passage to the pump is still painful, with this week a liter of diesel for € 2.03 on average, then € 2.06 before it reached € 2.10 today! A runaway with multifaceted causes, with the acceleration of deconfinement in China, a speculative effect due to the European embargo on Russian oil, or in anticipation of the coming holidays, a demand market that is larger than the supply proposed. Had it not been for the government’s rebate introduced 01uh in April last year a liter of diesel would now cost 2.28 € … the “fish” has trouble getting through and leaves bones in the scrotum!


In 2021, in France, they were 113 victims of murder, for losing their lives, killed by their spouse, their husband or their ex. Behind the cold statistics, first names, stories, lives … Her name was Angélique, mother of two children, shot and killed by his ex-spouse today just a year ago in Monéteau. A scary anniversary, reminiscent of the fact that in five years, 765 victims have been registered in France, or more than one victim every three days. To date, 50 homicides have already been recorded since the beginning of the year, in an endless funeral litany and with no real hope that this will ever change.


On Sunday evening in the prefecture, even the screen with the results of the parliamentary elections for the first constituency seemed to show the colors of the evening with the announced victory of the environmental candidate Florence LOURY! In “green and against everything” …

Dominique BERNARD

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