Children’s Pentecost: a successful party!

For its recovery after a two-year absence, the Pentecôtavic association has renewed itself by integrating the children from Sunday and by extending Monday, which is traditionally reserved for the youngest.

For this purpose it was requested by Swany Jacquet, a new volunteer from Vicoise, who was in charge of organizing various activities.

Before returning to these activities, Swany Jacquet would like to first thank the Pentecôtavic Association for allowing him to organize these times for and with the children.

She would also like to thank her parents and friends who did not hesitate to join her and help her at this event, especially Mina, Jenny, Alexandra, Ning, Vaness’, Laeti, Mariana, Stef and the parents of course for their availability and trust.

And she adds: “Thank you to the Center de loisirs and Clac for their participation in the creation of wreaths, flowers and frescoes.

I would like to commend all the children who have invested so much: trying on costumes, customizing clothes, creating wreaths and flowers and hours of rehearsals … “

In fact, the challenge was great when Swany explains to us:

“First and foremost on Sunday with the burlesque parade led by the kids and very cheerfully opened by Pitchouns “Van Peace and Love” tank who gave everything to create the mood!

The kids were to learn a choreography for the flash mob that was performed during this burlesque parade on Sunday, at the bullring and at City Hall.

Thanks to Amalya, Lou-Hana, Alexandre, Angel and Charlie for their availability to practice and their great enthusiasm.

They were immediately followed by festayres who started dancing, clapping and cheering … children happy and proud to participate “in front of the stage” in the parade of adults!

Arriving at City Hall, the children went up on the big stage to sing a song in English, “Imagine” by John Lennon, referring to what we live and the context of the hippie years with Vietnam …

In this moment of celebration and joy over this hippie theme, I wanted to take back for and with the kids the lyrics to this peace song, which is still relevant …

The lyrics were taken up by the audience for what was an emotional moment for everyone. “

Monday’s day, rationally devoted to children, the program was enriched by the activities that Swany offers.

She tells us about it:

“At the end of the morning, a parade of children led by Van des Pitchouns left the church for the kiosk.

The kids presented a taster at this afternoon’s Show Kids.

It was a hippie rock lip-synching “concert” that the kids prepared and rehearsed for several weeks.

They were dressed up and made up “Woodstock style”.

Thanks to Cécile and her collaborator, the event’s makeup artists!

Drums and percussion were played live, while guitars, keyboards and vocals were lip-synched.

In the afternoon, the children could enjoy a make-up area and a fantastic music and magic show Jamy and the kids.

So on the side of Swany Kids we participated in “Mommy’s Flowers” parade with Danielle, Jacqueline and Laurence accompanied by toddlers.

A big thank you to all three who said yes to playing the game and going on stage to march! Also thanks to Mimi for the headgear.

Then the kids went on stage to sing the Poppies song “No, Nothing Has Changed” … a wonderful moment of serenity and joy!

And the afternoon ended with the children’s show with the hippie rock energy from our musicians from 7 to 14 years!

A huge thank you and congratulations to them because they really worked and rehearsed a lot to play on stage.

They were so involved and happy! It was a pleasure to see them play the rock stars of the Woodstock years!

Congratulations and thanks to Johan and Rémi on drums, Antonella and Giuseppe on percussion, Lizéa, Manon and Angel on keyboards, Anaëlle, Gleb, Giuliano and Charlie on guitar, Lizéa, Angel, Giuliano and Charlie on vocals.

I am very proud and so happy for all these beautiful encounters and all these moments they share with them!

This first Pentecost, of which I am a part, remains a memorable one !!!

I have already made agreements with children for new projects … “

To be continued!

A little video feedback on these two days:

Photo and video credit: Swany Jacquet

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