“I was unhappy, I loved him so much”

Michèle Bernier left by Bruno Gaccio for another: “I was unhappy, I loved him so much” (Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images)

This Thursday, June 16, 2022, “The Trainee” is back on France 3 for new episodes. The successful series has been worn by Michèle Bernier for several years now. Another role for the actress, who has long shared life with another big name on stage, Bruno Gaccio. Unfortunately, everything between these two has not always been rosy.

At 65, Michèle Bernier is an actress who counts, whether on the small or large screen, and even on the boards. A life path that has also chosen to lend his daughter, Charlotte Gaccio, the fruit of his love for Bruno Gaccio. For fifteen years, from 1982 to 1997, the actress and TV producer, best known for her participation in the writing of the show Les Guignols, lived a beautiful romance. But everything collapsed just before the birth of their son, Enzo.

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A “chaotic” break

In 1997, Bruno Gaccio left Michèle Bernier for another woman. At that time, they are already parents to Charlotte, born in 1988, and are about to welcome a little boy. Michèle Bernier is pregnant and in full adaptation of her single woman show “Le Démon de midi” and is facing the brutal decision of her companion. A particularly painful phase for the actress who remembers a “chaotic” breakup. In addition to the love for her children, what allowed her to get out of it was therapy over four years, as she explained in 2015 in the show Le Divan: “It was a way not to go into a system of anger, misfortune “I wanted to understand this couple and why they had gone for peanuts.”

Especially when Bruno Gaccio had developed strong feelings for another woman, Michèle Bernier, she still felt a lot of love for her. “I loved him so much. For me, it was an eternal love story. In a separation, all feathers leave there. I did a lot of psychoanalysis, I did not get into a war system that never stops. Bruno is an amazing father.” she confided in 2018 to the M6 ​​program, An Intimate Ambition. And to put it in perspective: “I loved this man so much and I will love him until the end of my life, in another way. (…) I was unhappy, I am very blue flower, and “I’ve always believed in the couple for life. He fell in love with someone else. It’s his life, and success helped me.”

As early as 2015, Michèle Bernier sang the praises of Bruno Gaccio, with whom she shared so much, despite this painful breakup: “We never really left each other. I have great admiration for him, he did everything alone. He is honestly a wonderful boy. (…) I will never hold it against Bruno because he wanted to live another love life. I’m just saying to myself I did not get the wrong guy. C It’s important to realize this even if we change partners . “

“You can not live in anger forever”

25 years after their breakup, Michèle Bernier and Bruno Gaccio want more than anything else to unite, for their children but also for their grandchildren. Their eldest daughter, Charlotte Gaccio, gave birth to twins, Zoé and Roméo, in 2018. And as grandparents, the ex-boyfriends are committed to maintaining family balance, where there is “no, there are no generational conflicts,” as Michèle Bernier explained in 2021 in the columns in the magazine Nous Deux: “It is important to maintain a family relationship that is not in conflict.”

Granted, the break was painful at first, and the actress had to use treasures of energy to get over it. But today, more than ever, she cherishes these ties that bind her to her ex: “Bruno Gaccio is the father of my children, and he had to stay, it must not change. Of course, we have been through difficult times. , but we can not live in anger forever, she confided in Télé Loisirs.What happiness today to meet and eat together.Although we have rebuilt our lives each on our side, these moments are important for our children, for me, for Bruno, for everyone. “

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Also Bruno Gaccio does everything to maintain this beautiful balance, built with love and goodwill. In 2016, when asked on France 5 about the “fusion” relationship between Michèle Bernier and their daughter Charlotte, he liked to tell the common points that unite them: “Charlotte also has an ability to create connections between people and make everything popular, just like his mother! ” In terms of knowing which of the two is most likely to giggle, Bruno Gaccio had the answer almost without thinking: “I’ve never played with my daughter, but I’ve played with Mimi, it’s a risk at all times ! ” The band stronger than anything else.

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