Jean-Marie Périer, 82, confesses her “love” to her 34-year-younger ex.

Julie Andrieu is now met along with her companion, Stéphane Delajoux. But before she met the latter, she had an affair with another man. Jean-Marie Périer, as it is about him, has actually been in a relationship with her for four years. Discover the details of this relationship.

Even after her separation from Julie Andrieu, Jean-Marie Périer remained close to her former companion. In addition, the photographer also considers the facilitator’s relatives as his family.


In addition to her job in cooking, Julie Andrieu also appeared in many programs during these years, making her a TV host and columnist.

Julie Andrieu participates in the World Restaurant Awards on February 18, 2019 at the Palais Brongniart on February 18, 2019 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

But in addition to her career, the beautiful blonde also made headlines a few years ago after her relationship with Jean-Marie Périer.

As a reminder, it was in the 90s that the two public figures began a romance together. A love story that has caused a lot of ink to flow due to their 34-year age difference.

And it’s not just the public that looked bad on the couple’s relationship back then, when Nicole Courcel, Julie’s mother, was not thrilled with this love story in the beginning either.

Julie Andrieu poses during a portrait session in Paris, France, 10/12/2017. | Photo: Getty Images

The actress, who died in 2016, actually felt guilty because she believed that the fact that she was raising her daughter alone could be the cause of this idyll.

“I knew he was very sweet, that he would not hurt my daughter. But their age difference bothered me. I said to myself, ‘That was what she went to find a surrogate father!’ It made me sick, “

she confided in the columns in France on Sunday in 2012.

Julie Andrieu attends the Paris premiere of ‘La Quete d’Alain Ducasse’ at the Cinema du Panthéon on October 2, 2017 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

For the record, Julie Andrieu’s father was still married when Nicole Courcel became pregnant with her daughter. And since this mysterious man did not want to divorce his wife, Nicole therefore had to raise Julie Andrieu, without a father.

It is for this reason that the actress was “questioned” when her only child was in a relationship with a man who was 34 years older than her.

But despite the distrust of the young woman’s mother and public criticism, Jean-Marie Périer and Julie Andrieu have always continued their romance. The two celebrities stayed together for four years, and thanks to the photographer, the beautiful blonde discovered the world of cooking, which she preferred to go into later.

Jean Marie Perier “Julie Andrieu” at the Olympia in Paris. | Photo: Getty Images

And although they have been separated for several years, Julie Andrieu has only fond memories of this relationship, which she described as “absolutely wonderful”.


Although Jean-Marie Périer always has a special place in the heart of Julie Andrieu, she still continued her life after breaking up with the photographer.

Unlike her ex-boyfriend who turns out not to have “touched a woman” in a long time, the beautiful blonde, she found love in the arms of Stéphane Delajoux, a neurosurgeon.

French TV host and food critic Julie Andrieu is taking part in the launch of the 7th edition of the ‘Tous au restaurant’ initiative, which lasts fourteen days and allows the public to enjoy free menus composed by famous chefs, on the 19th. September 2016 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

They reached a milestone in their relationship in 2010 and said “yes” to each other for life. And from their union, the two children of the gastronomic critic, named Hadrian and Gaïa, were born.

And when they have the opportunity, the couple does not hesitate to perform in public. This is especially what they did during the performance of the show “Dream” by Compagnie Julien Lestel in the Salle Pleyel in Paris. This is one of the few times the two dwarf parrots have performed at social events.

During her interviews, Julie Andrieu also agrees to confide in her husband, from time to time.

“You are happy. I had the chance to meet Prince Charming ”,

she said in 2021 before assuring little girls that Prince Charming really does exist.

And although Stéphane Delajoux is not passionate about cooking, Julie Andrieu assures us that they have “much more important points in common”.


Although Julie Andrieu has been rebuilding her life in another man’s arms for more than a decade, she and her ex, Jean-Marie Périer, have always been close. The proof? The photographer does not hesitate to post pictures of his former companion on social networks.

On June 14, 2022, for example, it was a young Julie with square hair that we discovered on Jean-Marie’s Instagram account. Dressed in a simple dress with a floral pattern, Nicole Courcel’s daughter looks brilliant when her ex-boyfriend took the shot.

The latter was taken in the 90s, as the photographer had indicated in the caption to the post. He also shares an anecdote about his ex-darling in this publication. According to her, Julie Andrieu would become “a war photographer” when she met Jean-Marie.

“I congratulate myself every day for finding the words to deter him. I prefer a thousand times that she decided to become ‘The most beautiful to teach us to cook'”,

writes the one who introduced the host to a passion for gastronomy.

In the legend of the publication, Jean-Marie Périer especially added Arletty’s sentence, which says:

“My first love is my last!”

Besides, did you also know that Jean-Marie Périer has been living with her ex-boyfriend for some time? In fact, Julie Andrieu and her sweetheart, Stéphane Delajoux, welcomed the photographer into their home. Thankfully, the facilitator’s former companion has qualified as his “family.”

As for his relationship with the neurosurgeon, it seems that Jean-Marie is getting along really well with him, his statements read. He even said he “went crazy” with his former treasure husband.

A situation which, incidentally, he had already experienced with Françoise Hardy, with whom he was at that time having a romance. When Jean-Marie Périer met Jacques Dutronc, who had gone out with Françoise after their breakup, he admits that he had also “gotten angry” with Thomas Dutronc’s father.

“These are women I love, and when I love a woman, I necessarily love who she loves. So I always get attached to the guys I was left with.”

he said.

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