Our ideas for weekend getaways

Stroll through the Hortillonnages of Amiens or the streets of Lille to discover the urban metamorphoses of Utopia, learn about excavations for the European Days of Archeology in Samoussy (02), discover 200 Napoleonic objects in Saint-Omer (62) or let yourself be carried away on a choreographic and lyrical journey at the Organic Festival of Orry (60). This weekend there is something for everyone!


European Archeology Days, June 17, 18 and 19 in Laon, Samoussy and Soissons (02)

The Days of Archeology are an opportunity to present to the general public the state of current archeology and to present recent discoveries, or to excavate rarely exhibited pieces, all for free! The archaeological service of the department of Aisne in Laon gives access to what the public never sees: the backstage reserved for the work of professionals. Workshops for the general public (ceramology, initiation to excavation, caroline calligraphy) will be organized in Samoussy. Finally, come to conferences in Soissons on the archaeological history of the city from antiquity to the 19e century.

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MMA show time, June 18 in Saint-Quentin (02)

Team Demoulin is organizing for the first time an evening dedicated to MMA at the Palais des Sports Pierre Ratte in Saint-Quentin on Saturday, June 18 from 7 p.m. The program features six professional fights and four amateur fights. The fights start at 7 p.m.

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Abbey Festival of Saint-Michel-en-Thiérache, from June 12 to July 10 in Saint-Michel-en-Thiérache (02)

This festival dedicated to early and baroque music will rock you! This Sunday, June 12, you will vibrate to the rhythm of the beautiful city of Naples with two concerts and the opportunity to talk to the artists at 3 p.m.

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L’Envers du Verre until July 3, 2022 in Fourmies (59)

At the heart of a scenography inspired by the codes of industrial crates, the L’Envers du noche exhibition takes visitors behind the scenes of glass composition, manufacture, history and use. The 300 objects, models, photos and archives of this unique exhibition come from the collections of the ecomuseum of Avesnois and those of the Hauts-de-France Museums, the National Museum of Arts and Crafts, collectors, designers, Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and INA.

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Urbain.es until July 24, 2022 in Roubaix (59)

This exhibition questions the links between women and public space through the work of 27 artists and questions both the way in which women artists take over communal spaces to intervene artistically; but also the way in which artists, regardless of their genre, introduce the figure of the woman in their street work. The exhibition Urbain.es takes us chronologically through the work of artists from heterogeneous movements.

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Contemporary Latitudes Festival until June 28, Lille and Eurometropolis (59)

For his 20e edition, the festival gives a voice to artistic projects that question social issues in the light of reality. With more than 30 shows, concerts, performances and exchanges, the program will address pressing issues of sustainable development. Nightly performances under the trees, exhibitions in the public space or in the music hall will take over the halls, as well as the streets, squares and gardens of the metropolis of Lille.

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Eugene Leroy Exhibition. Against the light until October 2 in Tourcoing (59)

The exhibition celebrates the artist from Tourcoing and explores two complementary approaches: one places him in the artistic landscape of the 20th century, the other questions his contemporaryness in the light of today’s creations. This exhibition aims to put the artist in the spotlight in an unexpected way, revealing him in a new way, such as backlighting, a principle that Leroy particularly appreciates.

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Utopia Lille3000 until October 2, 2022, in the metropolitan area of ​​Lille (59)

Take advantage of the weekend to stroll and discover the many urban metamorphoses in the public space of the metropolis of Lille. Cool off in one of the museums that offer more than 50 exhibitions in the context of Utopia.

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24 edition of the Wazemmes l’Accordéon festival until 1er July, in Lille (59)

On the occasion of the 24e edition of the festival Wazemmes l’accordéon, meet all weekend at the Saint-Sauveur station in Lille for a series of concerts. Don’t miss the free concert of Flonzette + Agrum trio on Friday 17 June. Also on the bill is Contraaccordiano’s concert in the Auditorium of Tourcoing, on June 18.

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Exhibition “The wind comes from the trees”, until September 4, and “Vrac multivrac”, until December 31, in Dunkerque (59)

Come to the Frac Grand Large in Dunkirk to discover, among other things, two exceptional exhibitions. The first, “The wind comes from the trees” by Adrien Degioanni, invites you to listen to the acoustic signature of the occupied buildings, while “Vrac multivrac” by Delphine Travels the surprising world of machines, tools and consumables of the great port.

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Exhibition “The photo beats the countryside”, until August 31 in Songeons (60)

Supported by Diaphane, photographic center in Hauts-de-France, this exhibition brings together the work of participants in workshops led by Morgane Delfosse, in residence in Picardie verte.

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Albrecht Dürer – Renaissance and engraving until October 2 in Chantilly (60)

Exhibited too rarely in France, this immense artist is exceptionally honored in Chantilly, with more than 200 works! For the first time, two major collections of Dürer’s works in France, that of the Condé Museum in Chantilly and that of the National Library of France, join forces to showcase the dazzling graphic art of the German master.

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Organic Opera Festival, in Orry (60) on June 19

The Artemoise association offers you two appointments this Sunday, June 19:

  • The Voices of the Arcana, from 11:45am: an original and enchanting choreographic journey inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot
  • Mélodie et chansons, at 6 pm, a meeting between classical melodies and French songs. Find Didier Henry and Emre Can Karayel in Beethoven, Schumann, Poulenc…. and discover the compositions of Louise Dissous surrounded by her musicians.

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Exhibition “The Rite of Napoleon” » from June 18 to September 25 in Saint-Omer (62)

From June 18 to September 25, 2022, come and discover the “Le Sacre de Napoléon” exhibition: more than 200 objects from the life of Napoleon (busts, throne, paintings, drawings, everyday objects, etc.) from the private collection of Pierre-Jean Chalençon in the beautiful Jesuit chapel in Saint-Omer.

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Exhibition “Orientalists of Haute Couture”, from June 18 to December 31 in Calais (62)

The city of lace and fashion in Calais offers the first retrospective exhibition dedicated to the house of Lecoanet Hemant, revealing more than forty years of creations that combine the art of French couture with the spirit of the East. From the first creations of Lecoanet Hemant, as a Parisian haute couture house, to the current ready-to-wear outfits designed in India, more than eighty silhouettes are presented in a graphic and colorful staging.

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Les Rêves aquariums exhibition until December 4 in Béthune (62)

Labanque, the center for the production and dissemination of the visual arts of Béthune, presents Les rêves aquariums by François Andes. This exhibition is an invitation to travel, to discover landscapes and beliefs from all over the world. Let yourself be carried away by his dreamy and poetic universe, through monumental drawings, colorful paintings and image and sound installations.

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23e Festival Les Enchanteurs until 3 July 2022 in Aix-Noulette (62)

This traveling French song contest will return from June 22 for its last concert period. In the meantime, find the Enchanters “Chez Gaston” on Saturday, June 18 for the June Bug concert! On the programme: visual arts workshops in the city from 2.30 pm & JUNE BUG concert at 4 pm. Free, by reservation on 06 48 02 44 96 or via contact@droitdecite.com

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Exhibition Rome, the City and the Empire until July 25 at the Louvre-Lens (62)

As part of their temporary closure at the Louvre, the Roman rooms are moving to the Louvre-Lens! This exhibition at the Louvre-Lens offers a gigantic overview of Roman civilization, from its legendary foundation in 753 BC to the fall of the empire in 476 AD.

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Didouda Festival, from 17 to 21 June, in Arras (62) and Guînes (62)

It’s the 17e edition of this song festival in all its forms. Also this year you can discover some artists from the new French-speaking scene and discover some “certain” values. Song boxes, bar and catering are of course present. Some concerts are free and there is a lot of entertainment on the program. Don’t miss the appointment!

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International Garden Festival at the Hortillonnages in Amiens (80) until October 16

An annual event not to be missed, the international garden festival Hortillonnages d’Amiens celebrates its 13th edition with 12 new creations, including 2 projects by students of the UFR des Arts of the Picardy Jules Verne University and a photographic installation in collaboration with de Hauts -de- France Photography Institute as part of Lille 3000/UTOPIA. The gardens and plastic installations, arranged on islands, form a poetic journey that invites you to look at this unique environment, its history and its future in an unusual, curious or amused way.

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Amiens Comic Strip Meetings, from June 4 to 26 over 4 weekends, in Amiens (80)

Autograph sessions with author-illustrators, exhibitions, workshops… The Amiens Comic Strip Meetings will once again deliver on their promises this year and fans of the 9e art… Go there with the TER, preferential rates are specially set

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The Street is in Amiens from June 17 to 19, in Amiens (80)

After two covid-compatible editions, the festival returns to its usual form for its 45e edition: three days with its big gathering on Saturday evening… where the Opposito Company will stroll through the city with its three elephants! The Cirque Jules Verne and 25 companies invite you from 17 to 19 June for a new moment of sharing around street art.

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Exhibition “Model Statues”, a history of art education in Amiens (80) until August 28, 2022

The result of a rich collaboration between the UFR des Arts of the Picardy Jules Verne University, the Superior School of Art and Design and the Picardy Museum, the Model Statues exhibition traces the history of art education in Amiens from the end of the 18th century to today.

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Aronnax, the Jules Verne route – Amiens (80)

Revisit Amiens with Jules Verne! Aronnax is the route of 16 stages that crosses several places dedicated to the creative genius and imagination of Jules Verne in Amiens. Thanks to the QR codes visible on the desks installed during the course, you can discover unusual or hidden places through immersive videos, 360° photos and drones. Connect and hear Jules Verne in excerpts from novels and speeches embodied by the actor Jean-Michel Noirey.

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