Top 14 of the different types of camp leaders, those who know the customs-smuggler by heart

There are plenty of good reasons to never send your child to camp, and the first is that he risks coinciding with animators who are worse than each other, just like those who will follow. Well, in truth, many animators are little gems who do their job as a pro (better for your toddlers actually), but there are different types. So these are the many animal species that your children will be able to encounter at the summer camp. Pure pleasure based on dahu hunting and kite flying in garbage bags.

1. Who knows 36,000 games

This guy does not play chicken-fox-viper or bowl. No, no, incredible games are coming out that no one has ever heard of before and that all kids love. Yes, I’m very very jealous of this person, actually let something be to the others.

2. The one who moans all the time

She moans because the kids are making too much noise in the canteen, she moans because there is a sock lying around in her assigned room, she moans because it is raining, and it changes her plans, she moans because she is tired … The girl took balls that got deeper at BAFA.

The one who does not know how to be respected

When he asks for silence, he gets it after ten minutes, no child will hold his hand when it goes, and his room is always the last to sleep (after another animal has come and shouted). It’s a bit of a pain, but hey … Buy authority, shit!

The one who always punishes for nothing

She has not grasped the concept of beneficent education very well and does not hesitate to deprive the children of evening hours if they drink her drunk, or to punish them on the corner as soon as they do not listen to the instructions. She is clearly hated by all children. Another animal that did not listen to BAFA when the coaches talked about sanction and not about punishment.

5. The one who does all that bullshit and is not ashamed of anything

Unlike the one who punishes everyone, the animator who makes jokes is the one that all children love the most. Already because they love watching the animation pill their colleagues, but also because, no matter how surprising it may seem, they also like to be cheated on themselves. Yes, children are special beings. Conclusion: If you want to be the kids’ favorite, then be a joker who is not afraid of ridicule.

6. The one who is there to fish

She chooses her activities based on what animates her crush and asks the other anims if she can swap her day off with theirs to be with him. Well after, do not forget that this is one of a camp leader’s little secrets: those who are single are mainly there to find themselves a +1, to be honest.

7. The one whose name no one knows

Often associated with the one who does not make himself respected, the anim whose name no one knows is a bit like the child who was chosen last in sports teams. No child wants to be in her group for big games, she is often forgotten when she is on the toilet and she never goes outside to be active. Yes, it’s not very nice, but at the same time when you have 12 children per. person to administer, you must impose a minimum koua.

8. The one who is a little too friendly with children

The instructor might tell him that it’s going to be borderline and that he really needs to distance himself from the kids because he can not be their friend, the guy keeps giving everyone his Snap and hanging out with them instead of hitting them. On the verge of spitting in the face of his colleagues to make himself loved by children. The worst kind of entertainer, never hire someone like that.

9. The one who does not care

On the 5th, he makes his ten slices of Nutella camembert without paying attention to the balance and preparation. When he takes a child back, he always ends up with “Well, I think this time he understood that”. Yes, this anim will definitely put a patch on your child who got his pony shoulder off joint, sorry.

10. Him who is a little too sticky to the rules

She makes all children take a swimming test again as soon as they have to swim, even though she has already seen them three times. Her room has automatic lights off at 9.30pm and she printed out a shower plan for each child. Really, who invited her ??

11. The one who is there just for the activities

Unlike the one who wants to fish, this animal chooses his vacations and his animations according to the activities he prefers. Be sure not to see him at camp if there is via ferrata or canoe trip this afternoon. On the other hand, there is a way he can organize a treasure hunt under the salt dough workshop.

12. The one who is just in practice

She spends her entire camp stressing over her BAFA and thinks she will never be a facilitator when a child looks a little bored during her activities. In general, she is almost the age of the oldest children, and she follows the trail of the children’s favorite anime to be sure to do everything like him. Someone please reassure her, she’s starting to worry everyone there.

13. He who forgets his own existence

She is so worried about the children’s well – being that she forgets her phone on the bus while she checks that the children have all their things. At night, she wakes up to write down ideas to improve her activities and sometimes even forgets to take a shower when she’s busy looking at all the children’s hair to avoid lice. This person clearly took a DUT Social Career social and sociocultural animation course after his graduation.

14. The one who resigns after two days

When he realized he really needed to get up at 7 in the morning and go to bed at 2 every night, he preferred to give up. While being paid less than € 2 an hour when working 24 hours a day, we understand that a bit. It’s not like there were lots of reasons to pay camp leaders better, what …… ..

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