Trouple: they have lived or are living a three-way romantic relationship

Loving two people at the same time without having to be unfaithful to your partner is possible, and that’s what it’s called triangle polyamory. This type of romantic relationship attracts more and more people who want to test new romantic patterns.

Trouples often have a couple as a starting point. Sarah, a 33-year-old woman, had been in a monogamous relationship for two years before she was tempted by and triangle for four months, out of curiosity.

“We got the idea quite spontaneously after watching the series You, me and here on Netflix,” she says with a laugh. The two lovers discovered a few months ago Glamor pour tous, a marriage agency dedicated to three-way polyamory. “We quickly called the agency to be offered profiles of women,” says Sarah. The first meetings via FaceTime were not fruitful, but in June the couple fell in love with Marion. “Since this summer, we have seen each other very regularly and we have developed a romantic relationship,” she says.

Couples are more and more curious and eager to break their romantic routine. Breaking the monotony was precisely the ambition of Xavier and his wife. They came together with a woman they are both in love with. “We were a heterosexual couple married for seven years, very faithful and quite caricatured”, confides the one who lived a three-way love story for a little over eight months, with two women, his and another met on an application.

If Sarah and Xavier took the step to get a third person, that is not the case for David, for whom things were much more spontaneous. “I had been in a relationship with my boyfriend for three years, so one night it went awry between the two of us and my best friend, so all three of us spent the evening and night,” explains the young Belgian, who stayed three months. together with the two women. The night of love, they experienced on a whim, gave birth to a passionate relationship in which they developed a true love triad.

What must be respected to form a good troop

Whose relationships are quite anti-conformist, they nevertheless respect a certain number of principles defined according to the partners. “Even though we are in a troupe, it was at the beginning of the relationship my boyfriend and I, suddenly to avoid the jealousy disturbance, we always see our third partner together. Besides, it is generally her who comes to see us”, warns Sarah. Always seeing the third lover together is also the rule that David and his girlfriend had established: “My girlfriend should always be there. She had not made it clear, but it was obvious,” the young man says.

Listening, kindness and trust are the cement of lasting romantic relationships. In trouble, these qualities need to be doubled to avoid jealousy. According to David, “being in a triangular relationship involves being even more sensitive and attentive to your lovers”. And yes, in squad we need to be emotionally present not for one but for two people. “But you have to be careful about paying as much attention to one as the other,” warns Xavier. Communication is also the engine of a troop that holds, as Sarah says: “You have to communicate a lot to avoid the unspoken, ”says the young woman, for whom transparency is essential within her squad.

What are the benefits of a triangular relationship?

Lev a triangle love affair involves being twice as invested in the relationship. “We get and give more love and attention,” Sarah says of her squad, which has been on for just over three months. In addition to quantity, François talks about intensity. “I do not know if it was specific to my squad, but I have the feeling of having experienced a more intense love,” he confides, recalling his beautiful days with a threesome.

According to Sarah, this three-way relationship also promotes the creation of very strong friendships. “We love talking together and we have a real togetherness,” she says. This good, kind and sentimental understanding, David experienced it to the point that he traveled as a bunch. “We traveled together in Holland, we were really a band of three lovers,” he recalls.

In some cases, the ballad can also be a way to spice up the relationship, which can sometimes be monotonous. “When something is missing in the couple, polyamory may be the solution”, confirms Sarah, who sees herself ending her life as a bunch.

In terms of sexuality, if polyamori has nothing to do with sexual practices such as mixing or swinging, it still allows for the discovery of new horizons. The troops obviously have threesome sex, “but it’s so much more than sexual,” Sarah clarifies. The nights of love for three are one of the best memories David has of his experience, “the first night we spent together is one of the most beautiful in my life,” says the young man, who is now in a relationship.

In the end, what future is possible for the troops?

If polyamori is more and more known, it remains moderately accepted by some families. Sarah, for example, comes from a religiously practicing environment, she completely rules out the idea of ​​talking about her love practice to her parents.

On the other hand, she is quite open to the idea of ​​living all three under the same roof. “Our squad is fairly new, but in a while we could ask Marion to come and move in with us,” she says. The young woman and her companion have even planned to have a child next year and give Marion guardianship status.

On the side of Xavier and David, whose problems are unfortunately no longer relevant, the idea of ​​moving in as a triangle has never been put forward because their relationship was quite short.

As you may have understood, it’s time to stop believing that the couple is the only possible form of romantic relationship. But before you get started three-leaf clover love affairyou should be aware that this is a kind of relationship that requires more energy and investment than classic monogamous relationships.

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