what to wear with heeled mules for a fabulous look?

Mules have always intrigued us and our initial reaction is often a little dubious about them. It is true that we don’t often see them on women’s feet and they have become more popular lately. However, this sandal has gradually taken its place and we have models that vary so much that it never ends: open, closed, with a heel or flat. But in reality, these little shoes, made famous by Maryline Monroe in the 50s, can be not only practical, but also very elegant and in the image of the modern woman. Until now mainly reserved for catwalks and influencers, we will help you understand this shoe and transport it from the pages of magazines to your wardrobe. In view of the summer season, we will focus on the question: what do you wear mules with heels with?

We can qualify the mule as an elegant slipper with an open heel


First of all, we get to know our sweet mules. A piece of history on the menu because if you want to adopt the style you have to know the beginning. The latter originated in ancient Rome, where they were called “mulleus claceus”. This means a red or purple colored shoe, often worn by the three highest judges of the time. Impressive no, but today’s mule has no back, mostly heels and is worn by everyone. The female version was reserved only for the bedroom, and it wasn’t until 1964 that the Comtesse d’Olonne took them worthily to go to church. Then they stood at the feet of women in Versailles and in particular Marie-Antoinette. In the 80s, Manolo Blanik brought the mules up to date to give them a refined and elegant look. Who hasn’t seen Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex and the City” with her little jewels.

Mules have become a must-have in our shoe closet

green patent slippers with gold decoration on them

#Square nose mules

This model has a bit of retro-chic touch, generally when the toe in the front and the square heel are there too. For a casual yet dressy style, wear them with high-waisted jeans and a shirt or tee. Choose leather or quilted material. For a nice light summer dress, choose the square toe with small thin heels, and your look will be ideal for a walk or a holiday dinner by the sea.

Opt for mules with a two-tone square heel for a graphic effect

how do you wear mules to the office yellow summer shoes and gray pants

#Round nose and heel mules

These are for a more elegant occasion. They will immediately give you a more feminine look and it is not for nothing that the curves give this natural elegance. Because the rounded tip brings a lightness and sensuality reserved for a more dressy look. A pair of mules can be very practical if you are invited to a wedding in the summer, as they are light and easy to wear.

The rounded open-toe sandals give a more elegant look to your everyday style.

manolo blahnik jadarona 70 black leather mules

#Mules with closed toe hooks

Closed toe mules are more for mid season or for a more special occasion. Prefer a thin kitten heel, but not very high. This way you won’t weigh down the look when worn with a sophisticated long dress. For an evening, for example, opt for a solid leather color. If, on the other hand, your dress is a bit slippery, add heeled mules in a floral print, for example.

For the summer season, these little miracles are perfect for a ceremony.

white mules closed at the front with small heel

#Wedge Mules

For those who love comfort and length, there’s the wedge mules, a bit 70s. So you can lean into a bohemian style with a long dress with floral print and wedge mules. For a more urban look, wear them with Bermuda shorts with an open shirt and a large necklace to harmonize everything.

Always prefer a good quality sole if the heel is staggered

gold colored wedge mules with dress

#Pulles with stiletto heels

Walking in stiletto heels remains a major challenge for every woman. In an era when sneakers monopolized the fashion scene and slowly pushed them out of high heels. High stiletto heels still have that vulgar reputation, and frankly, they’re very uncomfortable. Prefer stiletto heels, but low kitten heels. With a long dress for a special occasion or simply with jeans and a t-shirt, they will bring softness and elegance to your outfit.

Wear high stiletto heels with a lot of style and class so as not to fall into vulgarity

different models of the type of sandals, exposed legs

# Square heel mule

The top trend and the most modern of the moment remain the moderately high square heel mules with open or closed toes. In fact, they are the easiest to wear. They are more stable on one side and the block heel has been super trendy for a few years now. With its retro and chic style, it really adds value and gives character to the overall outfit. Square heeled mules are suitable for all body types.

No fashion faux pas with the square heel and a pleated skirt

how to wear mules without burgundy velvet sandals and a pink skirt this summer

The good news is that all jeans go well with a pair of mules. So on this side you don’t have to worry about morphology or taste. For a more casual look, wear flat mules, but you can also choose a model with a low block heel and toe. With a simple shirt or a blouse in a light floral material, a little bohemian style, you have a cool and relaxed attitude. You can play with the colors and materials of the mules. Wear bright colours, play with materials and volumes. For a chic and elegant look with mules and jeans, just avoid mules with flat heels, the others will immediately add style to your outfit.

For the fresh fashonista, mules with high stiletto heels

mules e93lb

Still, the essential association for mules is to wear them with high-waisted jeans. These are there to elongate our silhouette and together with a pair of square or stiletto heels we can give us a chic French side because we know how to do it so well. Denim shorts always have a high waist, if you combine the top with a small blouse and a pair of mules. To complete your summer look, don’t forget your glasses.

Jeans and mules, it’s the winning combination every time

manolo blahnik jadarona 70 black leather mules

Advice :

Choose jeans that stop at the ankle. Make sure there is space between the pair of shoes and the jeans. If your jeans are long, roll them up, the effect will not be the same.

Famous Instagrammer Chiara Ferragani in a pair of high and square heel mules

chiara ferragani flashi pink mules large platform

As with jeans, heeled mules can be worn with all types of dresses. It depends on your style, occasion and body type. Still, this type of shoe goes best with long or mid-length dresses, given their rather low-cut appearance. The trendiest look: a white dress with two-tone, crocodile or metallic mules.

A little romantic look with a midi dress and pink heeled mules for brunch with friends

little midi dress with pink mules on a pink wall background

The heeled mule has a slightly disrupted journey, from the boudoir to the parade and finally adopting street style. Today we see more and more elaborate and modern models, the design of the shoe has been completely changed and adapted to the contemporary and urban style. There is something for everyone, with our advice on what to wear with heeled mules, you can embark on this fashion adventure that will last.


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Mules become a symbol of elegance with Manolo Blahnik

Sarah Jessica Parker with mules in Sex and the City

i velvet chunky toe square heel mules

Mules were featured in the famous painting by Edouard Manet

painting by edouard manetmanaolo blanikc preview pink mule has stars

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