7 crypto-winter-proof Blockchain jobs on demand

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Many large crypto companies have begun to slow down employment and cuts as revenue has fallen due to the crash in the crypto markets. But that does not mean that there are no crypto jobs that are still in demand, especially as more companies continue to hire.

Read on for a list of roles that are likely to remain in high demand even as we enter another crypto winter.



Blockchain security architect

A blockchain security architect is responsible for developing systems for crypto companies to secure their platforms against fraud and cyber threats.

Blockchain security architects are an integral part of the management of crypto enterprise operating systems and software. They work with IT and security teams to review projects and establish policies regarding cryptographic security issues, risk mitigation and best practices for advanced blockchain security.

In addition, blockchain security architects play an advisory role in designing cryptographic protocols and identifying potential security risks.

Senior Blockchain engineer

Senior blockchain engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining decentralized protocols and applications. Senior engineers are usually responsible for blockchain projects and lead a team of blockchain developers. In addition, some play a supporting role with the crypto-informatics teams and advise management on technical issues.

The role requires a graduate with a background in mathematics, computer science and engineering. Senior blockchain engineers should have experience with programming languages, scripting languages, algorithm design, or RESTful API design.

Business Development Manager

Business development managers exist to increase a company’s sales. They are responsible for generating leads, managing customer relationships and creating opportunities for the company to sell products or offer its services.

Business development managers need to know their cryptocurrencies and understand the goals of their organization. They should also be aware of trends and developments in cryptography. This role also involves working closely with direct sales representatives.

To be a business development manager, you need to be well-worded, have a good sales sense and know how to negotiate.

Marketing Director

Marketing managers are responsible for a company’s marketing efforts. From creating a marketing strategy to creating campaigns, they ensure that a company’s product or service is marketed well.

Marketing executives also estimate demand, monitor trends, and manage marketing budgets dedicated to increasing sales of their products or services.

To become a marketing manager, you also need to be creative and have good analytical skills. In addition, a marketing manager must be aware of details and have a good sense of organization.

Content manager

Content managers are responsible for developing the content of a crypto business and creating its online presence. Their tasks may include developing content strategies, managing technical writers, developing an online presence, and creating engaging content that converts.

A content manager should have strong writing and editing skills. They must have previous experience leading a team of writers, graphic designers and video experts.

In addition, a content manager must be able to create a cross-platform strategy and execute it across multiple social channels. They also monitor the performance of articles, blog posts, images, videos, etc. to determine levels of content engagement.


A crypto lawyer is a licensed professional with training in legal issues related to crypto. The lawyer must be able to solve common problems such as:

  • the legality of tokens;
  • crypto-taxes;
  • how and where to incorporate your crypto business;
  • intellectual property issues, including open source protocols;
  • how different regulatory jurisdictions approach blockchain technology;
  • And problems with KYC (know your customer) / AML (anti-money laundering).


Crypto-corporate auditors are responsible for maintaining financial records and managing all accounting transactions. They also manage creditors, manage invoice and payment processing, create expense reports and make payments to suppliers.

Auditors should have strong analytical and interpersonal skills and be knowledgeable about the crypto industry.

Although a bear market is not usually ideal for job seekers who want to work in crypto, there are always opportunities for people with the right skills.
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