Cathy Andrieu (The Mysteries of Love, TMC): “If José came back, Cathy would change her life. Fans are tired of seeing her like this!”

Benoît Mandin: This Saturday, June 18, 2022 at 19:50 TMC will broadcast a new unreleased episode of the mysteries of love . How would you fit in there?

Cathy Andrieu: I’m a little apart. There are so many stories that I do not follow them all. But in any case, as for me on stage, I feel like I stand out. I rarely see the other game partners, which I would like to … Otherwise, I’m between my photo studio, my apartment, and the gym.

Were you able to discuss with Jean-Luc Azoulay (producer of the mysteries of love) so Cathy can evolve with the rest of the band?

I’ve already asked him … I was at a time when Cathy was no longer with José and Béatrice. But since she stayed with Béatrice again, I’m isolated again. Of course I asked to have it changed, but Jean-Luc Azoulay does what he wants. We can not affect it too much …

In recent weeks, Cathy has performed in a troupe with Béatrice and Alban. But unlike Béatrice, she seems less involved. Do you think it’s because she’s not really turned the page in her story with José?

Yes it is. Personally, I would very much like to get back to normal with José and the kids. But Cathy went another way, where she let herself be influenced. Béatrice makes her leave for other wishes. Cathy is a little lazy. She is not convinced of this relationship with Alban.

“Cathy is not convinced of this relationship with Alban”

What could allow Cathy to freely impose her choices?

If José came back, Cathy would change her life. I think that’s what she’s expecting. Béatrice also has a connection with the children, which justifies Cathy accepting this situation.

Could Cathy eventually end up rebelling and go so far as to leave Béatrice to return to a normal life?

Of course, and that would be interesting. I want it to go towards that, so that Cathy can find some freedom. When I joined The mysteries of love, Cathy had that independence. She worked, had her son and led a little of each. Today, she is still waiting for the children’s father to return, and that is not the case at all. She saw this story about Beatrice because she had a deep friendship with this person that she had accepted in relation to José.

José is now in a relationship with Laly. Could Cathy be ready to do anything to win him back?

Maybe, but I do not know now (laughs). At least I said things. Afterwards, Jean-Luc Azoulay had a lot of fun and went crazy. He has the vision of the whole that we do not have as actors. It is always interesting to defend things that are very far from your own personality. I put a lot of love into Cathy’s character. We talk a lot about sex in the series, but I like working with this affective and romantic side, even if it’s in groups. Other than that, Cathy does not want this trouble with Alban …

“The Mysteries of Love fans have urged Cathy to return with José”

How do you view the relationship between Cathy, Béatrice and Alban?

I did not want this new squad. I wanted there to be other stories. Why not let Cathy live a real story with Béatrice. Leaving in purely sexual stories, personally I would not have it. I think there were other things to say. But afterwards I have not finally. I do not know where it will take us.

While already playing between two tables with Béné and Cathy & Béatrice, Alban turns to Fanny …

I wish Cathy would rebel. She is not submissive, but suffers more and more. That was not the case at first. I want Jean-Luc Azoulay to write something where Cathy suddenly wants to make everyone angry. Fans of the mysteries of love appealed to Cathy to return with José. They’re tired of seeing Cathy like that in droves … It would be interesting to start again with something where Cathy wants to assert herself and not get carried away.

What can viewers expect at the end of the 2021/2022 season of the mysteries of love ?

We need to find out who Alban is a little more, but Cathy and Béatrice do not know. We will be in Alban’s confrontation with Cathy, Béatrice and Béné. But they do not know who he really is. As an actress, my wish would be for Cathy to change her personality a bit. We do not see enough of his son (Julien, played by Eliott Delage, editor’s note).

“We should go back to the friendly connections that really were there in the beginning of Hélène and the boys”

In the first months of 2022, The mysteries of love showed a sharp decline in audience. Many viewers criticize scenarios that go around in circles. Some took the stance of Magali Semetys (Marie), who had condemned a drive for sex when she left the series …

What would be interesting is that Jean-Luc Azoulay listens to these opinions. I understand them. It lacks events other than sexual. The mysteries of loveit’s about love, relationships, but we had to go back to friendly relationships that were really there in the beginningHelen and the boys. I find that it is not connected enough that there are not enough friendly intrigues. We would like some renewal in the themes. I do not know if he hears it, but Jean-Luc Azoulay knows …

Next to the mysteries of lovedo you have other projects?

I have some, but they have nothing to do with comedy. These are projects at the architectural level. I am a trained interior designer. I currently have a couple of construction sites in Biarritz that I manage outside of filming. I really like this balance. But I always enjoy being on a set the mysteries of love. We all know each other so well. We laugh a lot. In addition to the scripts, we also spend time with the technicians and instructors we know really well.

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