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Microsoft’s new flagship console, the Xbox Series X Elite, is shown in new renderings and it looks so good that the new console will be available in 2023.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s current flagship console and one of the most powerful consoles ever made. Like previous generations, the Xbox Series X will get a sleeker new model, possibly even with improved specs, and a content creator has shared what he thinks it might look like.

When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X in 2019, the design stood out, and some might say for the wrong reasons. There’s nothing strange or offensive about the design, but the size, shape, and color immediately sparked comparisons between the Xbox Series X and refrigerators. However, Micosoft saw this as a great marketing opportunity, but released an official Xbox Series X mini fridge that sold out pretty quickly everywhere. With the latest generation of consoles, Microsoft released the Xbox One S and Xbox One X towards the end of the Xbox One lifecycle.

Xbox Series X Elite Shown In New Renders, A More Powerful Console In 2023

A YouTuber named Concept Creator has designed a mockup of what the next console variant of the Xbox Series X could look like. it’s much slimmer, sleeker, and more recognizable thanks to a few key implementations. In terms of size, the Xbox Series X Elite, as Jurrien calls it, evokes the jump from Xbox One to Xbox One X, but to a much greater degree, with the Elite nearly cutting the original Series X in half. The most noticeable change from the Elite is the raised crossbar that runs across the top and front of the console, with LEDs lighting up Xbox Green on either side.

Microsoft is expected to follow up on its flagship Xbox Series X console with a beefier Xbox Series X Elite console, which is best seen thanks to some beautiful new renders from our friends at LetsGoDigital. Discover them:

The new display of the Xbox Series X Elite console was created by graphic designer Jermaine Smit aka Concept Creator and was developed in collaboration with Phone Industry. The render features impressive LED lighting on both sides of the Xbox Series X Elite console, along with a large power button and the Xbox logo. On the left we have the Blu-ray slot, an eject button and 4 x USB ports.

Xbox Elite console

On the back we have 6 ports: for power, an Ethernet power supply, 2 x USB 3.1 ports and 1 x HDMI 2.1 connector that ends in an expansion port for storage. As for ventilation, the faster flagship Xbox Series X Elite console will be warmer, so ventilation is provided with one on the top, and both sides and the back with ventilation holes that ensure all-day, all-day nighttime gaming. sessions that your Xbox Series X Elite console runs cool.

Xbox Series X Elite

At this point, not much (or anything) is known about the next version of the Xbox Series X. Microsoft’s next family of consoles has been out for over a year, and while the Xbox Series S sold very well this year during Black Friday, not everyone who wants one of these systems has been able to get one until now. With that in mind, while it’s fun to think about the future of these systems and what they might look like, Microsoft’s priority should always be to make the current lineup more available. Unless, magically, the Xbox Series X Elite doesn’t require a microprocessor, it will likely face the same issues as the current lineup of consoles.

Xbox Series X Elite Concept

We should see Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X Elite console appear in 2023 with AMD’s new APUs on the new 6nm process, with higher CPU and GPU clocks. An updated Xbox Series S console is also coming, which is said to be more powerful than its predecessor, but we’ll have to wait until late 2022 and more until 2023 to see them.

Sony will retaliate with a faster PlayStation 5 Pro console, which we’ve heard about so far… again, we’ll have more information on that in 2022 before it releases in 2023. Either way, you might have just as much harder time getting your hands on a regular Xbox Series X than an imaginary Xbox Elite.

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