Klippeland. A check for 5,400 euros for Ukrainian children

The € 5,400 check for Unicef ​​Ukraine was handed over on Saturday at the shooting range in Saint-Léger. © Les Nouvelles de Falaise

More than 100 days ago beganRussian invasion of Ukraine. As the days passed, the support movements for the Ukrainians intensified. This is especially the case in the Pays de Falaise. ESF clay pigeon shootingassociated with Petits Oursons Falaisiens, at the Rotary in Saint-Pierre-en-Auge and at Club 41launched an operation in March 2022.

“The goal of the game is to help the 7.5 million children at risk in Ukraine,” notes Daniel Bisegna, president of Rock Sliders. “Thanks to the association Les Petits Oursons, we managed to get in touch with Unicef ​​Ukraine. It’s not just about making donations, you have to be sure that they arrive. This will be the case, we are in contact with the people of Unicef ​​”.

As part of this operation, a meal took place at the Domaine de la Tour thanks to Mark Hofman, a member of Club 41, who played the game. an amount of 5,400 euros ”, continues the chairman of a department celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Specific medical equipment

The funds raised and donated to Unicef ​​Ukraine are intended for children and mothers in need, the great forgotten of this conflict. They are used to provide delivery kits, basic necessities for newborn babies as well as specific medical equipment that meets the needs of the place according to the development of the conflict.

The collection of donations continues and 19 urns are made available to the people of Falaise in stores. At the end of the week, Daniel Bisegna and Mickaël Lebatteux, UCIA coordinator, toured the other companies to distribute about a hundred posters and 1,200 flyers.

Mélanie Desvaux, from the bar Le Petit Falaise, finds the initiative very good. “I will try to provide as much support as I can via communication (Facebook) or in relation to postings”.

The operation should last at least until September, the 9th, as a concert is planned by the various structures. “I already have the group and all profits will be donated to Unicef ​​Ukraine.”

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Many actions

Unlike himself, Daniel Bisegna would (wish) highlight the ESF clay pigeon shooting. “We always have a habit of making sense of what we do, in addition to shooting. People blame us for making noise. We are the largest donor at the Telethon level. We carry out joint actions with Rotary ”.

Specifically, this resulted in tablets for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, more than € 3,000 was collected for a hostel for young disabled workers in Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives, a person suffering from poliomyelitis was equipped with a wheelchair. “We’re noisy, but that’s for a good cause,” Daniel Bisegna said.

For Arnaud Meslin, general agent at Axa insurance and bank VB2M, which is part of Club 41, this operation seemed natural to him. “You can not remain insensitive to what is happening in Ukraine, especially when you are a father.”

Places where an urn is available to make a donation: Tacher Acogex, Hotel Ibis, Optiker Krys, Le Fournil de Guillaume, Proxi Nécy, ESF’s ball traps in Saint-Léger, Val d’Ante pharmacy, delicatessen, catering Lemaître, IT Universe , La Renaissance bar restaurant, Point P building materials, Center E. Leclerc Falaise, Carrefour Market Falaise, Le Gars de Falaise bar restaurant, Gan assurance Falaise, bakery Radufe Fresné-la-Mère and Falaise, Au Cochon de lait bar restaurant, Bouchon virois Vire basement restaurant, Axa insurance and VB2M bank.

Checks must be paid to Unicef ​​Ukraine. There is a tax reduction for individuals of 66% within the limit of € 1,000, for paid € 100 it will actually only cost € 34. Tax reduction for companies of 60% within the limit of 0.5% of turnover or € 3,000, for € 100 it will actually cost € 60.

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