New in more ways than one, the 2022-2023 season of the Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand has been unveiled

It is complicated to combat the phenomenon; even more so after a reign as long as that of Jean-Marc Grangier and his ultimate livery of extraordinary consistency. The first season of Céline Bréant, new director of La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand, is therefore strongly subject to the law of relativity. The truth in live performances doesn’t hide between the pages of a brochure. On paper, however, it doesn’t suffer from the equation. Céline Bréant even confirms her difference with a new “spicy” graphic environment. She put an end to the tradition, Thursday, June 16, with her presentation of the season through a very rhythmic video, followed by a long time of exchange and even dancing in the main hall of the theater transformed into a design guinguette. But the essential remains in the background of this season responding to the POP project, for the occasion more than the happy acronym of Project open to the population.

The POP project of Céline Bréant, director of La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand

35 shows

With Céline Bréant, it is a whole culture that intensifies its presence in La Comédie, more than 35 shows, “with as much dance as theater”… This has been said and repeated by the director, whose impressive choreographic background is known and recognized . There are also more proposals aimed at children and young people, but also circus and (highly) multidisciplinary formats, such as the appropriately named Within reachby Gabriella Iacono and Grégory Grosjean, or by tumulus the Cris de Paris, which combines magnetic dance and sacred chants. This season it’s less about big names – Dominique Blanc (photo R. Ribas) in the recovery of Pain from Patrice Chéreau to Marguerite Duras is the sublime counterexample. The pop(ular) shift is assumed and responds to the expected breath in a period of repeated crises. This season shows his abundance, his energy, his anger, his aloofness, his ability to deal with all social problems, to identify emergencies.

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Not a clean slate

For this, Céline Bréant called on a young guard of artists who have already proven themselves on the major European stages and who will therefore be able to discover the Clermont public: this is the case with the choreographers Jan Martens and his rebellious every attemptMaud Le Padec (accompanying a prodigious krump dancer) or the director Lisboa Houbrechets with Bruegel† The content may seem less thick intellectually, but it always remains deep, hard. They are mainly linked to times that go very quickly, that is the least you can do if you want to find a new audience, new generations. That the “old ones” immediately sit down, this new service does not make a clean sweep of the past. This is how we find the latest creations of the group Grenade by choreographer Josette Baïz (for the explosive Kamuyot by the Israeli Ohad Naharin), the circus artist Raphaëlle Boitel for her Cycle of the Absurdby choreographer Hofesh Shechter whose Grand finale still in our minds, the duo Olivier Martin-Salvan/Pierre Guillois pushing the boundaries of the absurd with The big ones skate well (Molière 2022 from the Public Theater Show)… and many other performers can be found in the video presentation of the 2022-2023 season below:

Everyone has their place. Three days, starting June 20 (10 a.m.), are reserved for subscriptions. The sale of individual tickets (still from €14 to €30) and tickets will therefore take place from June 23 (10 am). The opening hours of the ticket office, 69 boulevard François-Mitterrand in Clermont-Ferrand, have changed on this occasion: from June 20 to 25, from 10 am to 7 pm, from June 28 to July 8, from 12 pm to 6.30 pm More on lacomediedeclermont .com

Pierre-Olivier Febvret

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