Portugal is preparing for the 3rd day of the Neighborhood World Cup in Clermont-Ferrand

“What better way to get together than to organize a friendly match against the Portuguese library”. Victor Ferreira, Portugal’s captain for the Neighborhood World Cup, sums up well the importance of being together for the Portuguese community in Clermont. The country is participating for the first time in the event, formerly CAN (African Cup of Nations) neighborhoods.Charly, Clément and Mathias Pereira Lage have their grandfather who worked with tires. Mathias (right), 25, is the pride of the family and society. After playing for three seasons at Clermont foot, then in Ligue 2, he has just signed a contract with Brest (Ligue 1).

“I organized two matches that were open to everyone to choose the team. The majority of the best players responded. Most develop into teams at regional or national level 2. Everyone is proud of their roots.” We were born in “France, but our parents or grandparents come from Portugal. Some came to work for Michelin in the 1980s.”

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An involved community

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The Portuguese library participates in the management of the team during the competition. The association was established in 1974 and brings together the Portuguese community and shares moments of coziness.

We gather beyond the times, we simply feel good there.

Edouardo De Almeida (Chairman of the Football Section of the Portuguese Library)

At that time “it was indeed a library set up so that the Portuguese from Clermont-Ferrand could find works and books from their homes”.

Today, in the local, 15, rue Pré La Reine, cozy meals and football are more popular than books. The Portuguese library’s football club, nicknamed “BIB” by regular customers, plays in the 2nd division.

Tonight “BIB” is having fun. The players wet the jersey against the Portuguese elite of local football, the World Cup quarter-team. “It smells of 15-0,” Carlos, 26, smiled as he watched the players warm up on the pitch. The young man has just returned from a stay “in the country” and is not in good shape.Manu Lopez, coach of the Portuguese Library’s team 1, knew the club from the start.

Next to that, coach Manu Lopez is facing the unexpected. On the phone: “You have not left the room yet ?? Gives a game jersey back, everything except the color red ”, with reference to the national team jersey.

The game can finally begin. Between encouraging his players, Manu, 35, with “BIB” behind him, explains the club’s DNA: “What I really like is that I was able to play at the time with fathers of the kids who are on the earth … and now I train their sons. ” More than a club, it’s a “real group of friends” who spend time together.

The association wants to keep 80% of the Portuguese players on its teams. “We try to make everyone feel good despite the level differences that may be.”On the field, the players from “BIB” suffer against Victor and his family. The heat of this early evening also has something to do with it. Water bottles are emptied in a few sips.

At the end of the first period, a new one comes into play in the Portuguese library. »What is his name, the new one, already ?? Launches Manu at the edge of the box. “Dylan,” replies the substitutes sitting on the bench in chorus. “He’s Portuguese ??”, “Nix. But soon,” a player smiles. “Oh, he’s going to taste Super Bock

“, Manu concludes.

After 80 minutes of play, quite adequately due to the temperature, the friendly match ended 4-2. The Portuguese World Cup team won. “BIB” fought well. But the important thing was somewhere else. *

Well-known Portuguese beer.

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World Cup program: Game day 3
Saturday, June 18th
Pool B:
Portugal- Comoros at 17.30.

Algeria-Tunisia at 19.30.
Sunday, June 19th
Pool A:
South Africa-France at 17.30.

Morocco-Guinea at 19.30.

All matches take place in the annex of Gabriel Montpied Stadium.

To follow detailed information about the Clermont World Cup. Go to the contest’s Instagram account: cdmclermont
Text: Bastien Durand

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