12 children’s books to read before or during the holidays

On the occasion of Leaving in Books, which begins on 22 June, a selection of 12 children’s books has been read and approved by the editors.

The summer holidays are approaching and the kids need to be busy. During the year, the chronicle of children’s books (our section here ). Today we recommend 12 quality books for 1 to 10 year olds. On the boat of children’s literature!
On the program for comics, short novels, game books.

Alcibiades – The Academy of Magic (Marc Lastate and Allan Barte) Glénat Jeunesse

Welcome to the magical world of Alcibiade! This smiling boy with purple hair lives by the world of Nurus and dreams of only one thing, to become a great guardian! This elite corps is crucial to maintaining the balance of Nuru, as parallel universes often collide with Nuru and cause chaos! To be so strong, it would be necessary to be a good student, and our hero is not really the first in the class. This year, he may be able to learn to master his powers better with all of his fellow students from the Academy of Magic.

Our opinion: A crazy, explosive cartoon that tells the story of a little boy in a school like no other.
A first volume that will appeal to lovers of adventure and humor. In addition, we also liked the 8 pages of games and puzzles to be solved at the end of the book.

Recommended reading from 9 years
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My first songs Abba (Kiko) Gründ and Universal Music

With its musical sound chips, this collection is unique. On each page, the child looks in the illustration for the small button that should trigger the music.

The little ones will dance to their first songs by the legendary group ABBA! We find throughout the pages: “Waterloo”; “Chiquitita”; “Take a chance with me”; “Hasta manana”; “Mamma mia” …

Our opinion: We found all the Abba hits we love! This audiobook will appeal to parents and grandparents who would like to share their favorite hits with the little ones. The recovery of the songs is good, all you have to do is dance!
Recommended reading from 1 year old
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Mountain Cousin (Lola Hale and Emilie Sandoval) Seuil Jeunesse

When Adam, a little town boy, meets Yuli, the mountain cousin, everything changes in his life!Animals, nature and adventure invite themselves into the little boy’s daily life for better or worse.

Our opinion: We take a fresh breath with our two heroes! This little novel illustrated with humor and a wonderful adventure where our two friends who seem to be opposites end up in a moment of complicity.
Who do you think will change their lives, the little city dweller Adam or the little mountain girl Yuli?

Recommended reading from 4 years
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Kirby and the Sweet Mansion (Takase, Tau and Karino) Mana Books

A beginner has moved to Drømmeland, where Kirby lives!
According to rumors, this lady lives in a magnificent mansion, and above all, she plans to arrange a party for her birthday with a large, all-you-can-eat buffet.
After hearing this, Kirby and King DaDiDou are thinking of a way to go to this party without being invited …

But this is only the beginning of a fun adventure that will involve many more of their friends!

Our opinion: Kirby is Nintendo’s iconic character and a star in Japan! Kirby is a kind of Kawaii version of Barbapapa. He is celebrating his 30th birthday and this novel pays homage to him with a story worthy of a video game!
If your kids know the character, or if they really like their favorite console, let them read this short novel, it’s a great time to read off-screen!

Recommended reading from 8 – 9 years
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The Donald and Jupiter mission! (Luciano Bottaro) (Disney – Glénat)

If you were Donald and King Rebo of Saturn attacked your city, would you then hire his enemies from Jupiter to defend you? What if the jovians, as payment, would eat your wealthy uncle Joakim’s money? And what happens when Daisy joins the intergalactic battle?

Our opinion: It’s an unpublished story by Bottaro that gives science fiction an honor, so when Anders offers him his body, you can imagine the result!
An “old-fashioned” cartoon as we like them full of good humor, horror and lots of laughs!

Recommended reading from 9 – 99 years
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The Mystery Letter (Rémi Chaurant and Camille Ferrari) La Martinière Jeunesse

Today, Jeanne has a super important mission! She absolutely has to send the letter she wrote to her best friend.
But beware, some words were lost along the way and without you the letter will reach the addressee unreadable. To decipher it, only one solution: follow Jeanne’s journey during her vacation and solve the riddles hidden there.

Our opinion : This is the perfect book for budding detectives! This search-and-find will allow the children to reconstruct the letter that Jeanne wrote.

An album that wonderfully combines reading and concentration with 30 games to solve, you never get bored for a second and it takes a long time!
Recommended reading from 6 years
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10 little rabbits (Vanessa Hié) Youth threshold

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 little rabbits trot happily along the path. A thousand and one dangers await them in the forest. How many will they be on arrival? And by the way, where are they going like that? As this happy stroll progresses, the rabbits strangely enough disappear one by one.

Our opinion: We absolutely love this book! Shutters to lift, sides to unfold, we learn to count in a charming universe. The police investigation, games and reading are on the program, all wrapped in super cute illustrations! We love !
Recommended reading from 3 years
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10 teachers to chew! (Ross Montgomery and Sarah Warburton) Ed. Four Rivers

School is over! Ten tired professors think only of returning to their beds. But when they miss the bus, they are forced to go home via a worrying shortcut. They are unaware that they are being followed … by ten gluttonous monsters!

Our opinion: We find all the art from the amazing storyteller Ross Montgomery! This time the holiday is here and we must have a lot of fun discovering the adventures of masters and mistresses!

This mischievous book gives young readers a good laugh! But who should have the last word, the teachers or the monsters? An album that has the fishing that we like to read and reread!
Recommended reading from 5 years
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It’s too good (K. Doherty and K. Litten) Bayard Jeunesse

This night in the woods, Ourson is not sleepy.
While all his friends are sleeping, he goes for a walk in the city in search of a distraction. Luckily, he discovers a very good thing there that he will never stop bringing back to the forest. But what to do when the thing is big and heavy? It is to misunderstand this clever and handy little bear.

Our opinion: A story about tricks, widgets and things, whatever, that also teaches patience.
The mix of story and illustrations is top notch, it really is a story too good to read and consider very quietly in the cool!

Recommended reading from 5 years
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My cabin (Guillaume Guéraud and Alfred) La Martinière Youth


“I built it between two trees, in the woods, not far from my grandparents’ garden. With pieces of wood and branches and ferns.

The pieces of wood I attached to them that my grandfather Youri taught me. Because Grandpa Youri used to be a sailor, so he knows how to tie really strong knots.

Sometimes I think it’s a ship. And the surrounding forest is no longer a forest, it is the Caribbean Sea.

Our opinion: Summer and holidays promote the imagination and build cabins!

Touching, captivating, poetic, this book is a call to calm and to the beautiful memories that we build through life.
Recommended reading from 5 years
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Night of the Blood Wolf (Olivier McNeil) 404 editions


Adventurers, adventurers! Welcome to the gates of a foreign land. Starmore, a great professor in the Wizards’ Tower, has a mission of utmost importance to you.
You know that Matilda, the miller’s daughter, has disappeared! Some say they saw her wandering in the fields on full moon nights, covered in blood. One thing is for sure: the country has been cursed and Matilda has become a blood wolf.
Brave explorers, roam our lands and find Bloodstones, mysterious artifacts, to break the curse. Our survival depends on it!

In this game an interactive map will immerse you in an amazing adventure where you will meet scary monsters, evil witches, cunning merchants, you will discover treasures and you will complete quests!

Our opinion: Like the books where you are the hero, this adventure is played 100%! Equipped with our expandable maps and thanks to the “Spoken Adventures” app available on iTunes and G. Games, we’re out on an incredible adventure.
We liked this concept because you can experience this epic alone or with others. The narrative construction is fun and will appeal to lovers of suspense and mysteries!

Recommended reading from 10 years
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Betty Boum – T1 (Capucine Lewalle and Chiara Baglioni) BD Kids Editions

Betty Boom is a little girl of about 6 years who rarely believes what adults tell her.
She always answers them: “Puddle!”, And then imagines her own version of things: a funnier, crazier, crazier version, simply more in tune with her expectations as a little girl!

Our opinion: a vitaminized and slightly rude cartoon where nonsense is part of everyday life! It’s fun, full of energy!
This Betty does not miss anything and we love it! This new collection is perfect for an introduction to comic book reading.

Recommended reading from 3 – 4 years
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