For the first time in 48 years, a woman catches her husband lying to her. The next day he takes her to the forest

Every Wednesday, Kevin left his wife Sarah with their dogs and fished by the lake in the woods. One day, Sarah discovered that Kevin had lied to her. When she confronted him, he took her into the woods the next day and told her the truth.

Kevin and Sarah have grown older over time, but their love for each other has never wavered in their 48 years of marriage. When Kevin retired several years later, the couple bought a quiet home on the outskirts of a beautiful town. They lived alone and were still blindly in love.

The couple helped each other with household chores, ran errands and took turns walking the dogs. The only exception, however, was Kevin’s strange new love of fishing, which is only on Wednesdays of each week.

At first, Sarah was unsuspecting, but it was only when she caught Kevin lying to her that things started to go wrong. The next day he takes her out into the woods to show her what’s wrong. After discovering the truth, Sarah froze and cried …

Kevin and Sarah have been married for 48 years. | Source: Pexel

Kevin first met Sarah 48 years ago in history class. They saw themselves as competitors and perfectionists. They often quarreled in class to prove who was the best. But after a while, they realized that their conflicting nature appealed to them and fell in love.

The couple got married and had two beautiful children. After their daughters got married and moved across the country, Kevin retired. He bought a quiet villa in the neighborhood that bordered the city. It’s love at first sight, so he buys it before everyone else.

“I do not want to stay with you anymore … you lied to me, so you go somewhere every Wednesday, and god knows what’s going on!”, Sarah swung.

Their retirement home was located in a picturesque landscape of lakes and forests, so Kevin and Sarah had not planned where to spend their old age. They thought this rustic house would be their paradise until their last breath.

Shortly after moving in, Sarah is surprised by Kevin’s fishing hobby. She had never seen him so excited as when he put his things away in their garage Tuesday night.

After Kevin retired, the couple moved into their rustic home nestled in a scenic landscape. | Source: Unsplash

“Don’t worry, honey! Edward will have breakfast and lunch tomorrow!” he said to Sarah. Edward was their neighbor and Kevin’s friend at work who lived in the nearby neighborhood.

Kevin usually left the house early every Wednesday morning. He took a sip of tea from the kettle and kissed Sarah while she slept innocently.

“Boys, take care of mom!” he always said to his three dogs after throwing their favorite treats after them. Kevin fished all day and only came home late at night. Sometimes he did not show up until the next day, which Sarah found strange, as the fishing place he was talking about was supposed to be in the woods nearby …

Every Wednesday, Kevin went to a lake in the woods and fished all day. | Source: Unsplash

“Wow, that’s a huge catch, Kev!” exclaims Sarah after seeing a basket full of fresh fish when Kevin comes home one Wednesday night.

After dinner, Kevin brags about his big day by the lake. He often told Sarah stories and how he had missed some of the biggest catches.

“And today I would have taken more with me if it had not blown so much …”, he exclaims happily.

Kevin’s fishing trips lasted about half the year, and at the end of every Wednesday, he always had a big surprise for Sarah. But one day, Sarah finds out that Kevin has been lying to her all these days after meeting someone at the fish market.

Kevin often bragged about the fish he caught. | Source: Unsplash

“Ummmm, I have to surprise him with baked salmon for dinner!” mumbles Sarah as she goes to the fish market on a Wednesday night. “Maybe some sardines too ….”

Sarah was busy looking for the store when a fishmonger stopped her. She saw a woman waving to her from a distant store.

“Oh, hey, Mrs. Peggy! ” Sarah greeted the seller. Sarah was a regular customer of Peggy’s and told her she was looking for fresh sardines and salmon.

“What happened to Kevin today?” asked Peggy Sarah. “Why are you buying fish? Kevin is not home?”

Sarah was confused. She did not understand what Peggy meant and seemed surprised. She asked him to elaborate further.

“Kevin usually comes here every Wednesday night to buy fresh fish!” revealed Peggy.

Sarah is shocked. She realizes that Kevin never fished in the lake, but was unfaithful to her with the fresh fish he bought at the market. She suspects that Kevin’s lies do not end there, and decides to find out the truth. First she goes to her neighbor Edward …

Sarah goes to Edward’s house to see if he’s home or with Kevin. | Source: Unsplash

As Sarah approached Edward’s home, she saw him through the window as he was fishing with Kevin that day. She remembered Kevin telling her in the morning that he was going to fish with Edward, and she realized he had lied.

“Hey, Edward!”, Sarah greets her neighbor. “Weren’t you out fishing with Kevin today? I thought you were going fishing on Wednesday?”

Edward had no idea what Sarah was talking about.

“Fishing? Wednesday? What, no way! You have to have fun, because I’m not going to fish with your husband,” Edward reveals to a shocked Sarah. She apologizes to Edward for this untimely visit and hurries home.

A few hours later, Kevin returns home with a basket full of fish. He smiles at Sarah and brags that he was tired of fishing all day with Edward.

“… And do you know what he did? He stole some fish from my basket and I caught him!” exclaimed Kevin, bursting out laughing spectacularly. But Sarah remains silent. She looks at Kevin, and after listening to his fictional story, she tells him that they should talk together.

Kevin is amazed because he has never seen Sarah look so serious.

Kevin was shocked because he had never seen his wife be so tough. | Source: Pexel

“What’s going on, honey?” stammered Kevin. “Is everything OK ?”

Sarah stares intensely at him. She took his hands and led him into the kitchen, which smelled of baked fish. Kevin did not know what was going on.

“I got us fishing for dinner … Fish I bought at the market today from Mrs. Peggy’s store!” she told him.

Now Kevin understands what’s wrong. Sarah is furious. She told Kevin that she did not want to continue their relationship as it was fake and full of deception.

“I do not want to stay with you anymore … you lied to me to go somewhere every Wednesday and God knows what’s going on!” Sarah exploded. “I thought there were no secrets between us!”

Kevin expected this to happen. He begged Sarah to let it go now and give her a chance to explain herself early tomorrow. Sarah cringes and agrees. She was restless all night …

Sarah was visibly angry at Kevin. | Source: Pexel

“Are you ready for the truth?” asked Kevin Sarah the next day. He looked confident and Sarah did not like the evil look in his eyes.

Then he drove her into the woods. It did not seem familiar to her, for she had never taken this path. She remained silent throughout the trip as she was still mad at Kevin and was haunted by several strange thoughts about what he was about to reveal.

“Come down … we need to go a little,” he says to Sarah and he pulls over to the side.

He took his fishing bags and followed him into the woods. A few minutes later, the couple arrived at a lake with trees and hills behind the scenes. It was breathtaking and scenic.

“Come on, a few more steps,” Kevin said to Sarah, holding her hand and leading her to the side where an incomplete wooden house by the lake stood. Sarah is amazed.

It turns out that Kevin had secretly built a wooden house near the lake to surprise Sarah. | Source: Unsplash

Kevin told her he had been building this house for the past six months. “It would be our weekend getaway with our grandchildren,” he revealed.

“Oh, honey … I’m sorry. I do! God, I’m so sorry,” Sarah apologized to Kevin. She broke down in tears and felt sorry for it. Kevin turned pale as he did not want to reveal his surprise that way.

“Let’s do this together!” exclaimed Sarah.

She takes the tools from Kevin’s gear bag and smiles at him. She told him she would help him finish the house and apologized until he calmed down. After this incident, Sarah understood that she needed to trust the love of her life and not let small doubts affect their relationship.

Sarah apologized to Kevin and promised to help him finish the house. | Source: Pexel

What can we learn from this story?

  • Do not let small doubts and misunderstandings weaken your relationship. Kevin and Sarah have known each other so well for 48 years. But when Sarah found out that Kevin was lying to her about fishing on Wednesday, she told him she did not want a relationship with him and regretted it later.
  • Sorry and try to correct your mistakes before it’s too late. When Sarah realized that Kevin had built their dream house, she regretted that she suspected him and apologized. She then assured Kevin that she would help him complete their wooden house.

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