Lots of noise about the new cryptocurrency

Lots of noise about the new cryptocurrency. This is a sponsored advertising message. Nothing in this content is to be construed as advice, it is for informational purposes only.

An industry in rapid development among the big ones block chain networking is the enigmatic world of Challenge. The name speaks for itself, with the wide range of services, protocols and dApps, decentralized finance offers its users everything a central bank does, but with more efficiency, security ..oh and complete anonymity.

A rocky start with the infamous scandal surrounding Frog Nation, the revelation of Sifu as the project’s treasurer and Andre Cronje’s abrupt departure caused upheavals in society, but make no mistake, he is moving fast to rectify the opposite. The industry is in its embryonic stage, where start-ups learn hard and fast from their mistakes, paving the way for huge and exciting opportunities new cryptocurrencies to arrive soon.


Such a project is Mushe Polet (XMU), which seeks to make digital money equally accessible to the community AND and the rest of the flock. Let’s dive into it.

Interoperability as a main task

If you follow crypto yourself tangentially, you know that most people are hesitant to engage in new cryptocurrencies due to the sometimes complicated methods of interacting with the end products. Well, do not be afraid because Mushe token is here to change that by speeding up the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by offering a very intuitive UX interface to its daily users.

By providing simplified and transparent interoperability, the project sees decentralization as the key to bringing a global population closer to understanding and rewarding the development of cryptocurrency. The emergence of Internet 3.0 associated with the alignment of an ethical approach.

Future vision

The project aims at growing ambitions, not least the desire to become the leading digital cryptocurrency and the main wallet for everyday users. In this regard, there are three main objectives, which Mushe token follows:

  • To become the trusted wallet and cryptocurrency that is globally recognized for its ease, simplicity and efficiency.
  • To create a multi-layered cryptocurrency that can also be used in Internet 3.0 and daily financial management products and Challenge.
  • To create a globally accessible and ESG-focused marketplace that fuses trade and consumer ecosystems through incentives, rewards and benefits.

New cryptocurrency: Mushe XMU Token

XMU is built as one decentralized token to facilitate peer interaction, rewards and control. It is currently powered by Ethereum block chain with plans to migrate to the open network of Stellars. The reason? Stellar delivers a proven blockchain that is recognized in the community for its low transaction costs and financial inclusion for daily use.

The tokenet will play an important role in the Mushe ecosystem by providing liquidity for the exchange and an overall user experience. How?

Except Challenge features, Mushe plans to introduce its own metaverse (MushiVerse), where users can engage in all kinds of digital services and buy and sell unique NFTs. They do not stop there, a P2E game currently under development will encourage the purchase or sale of items in the game using the platform’s native token (XMU). In addition, the platform is set up to host various gaming competitions where players can receive huge prizes based on the Rewards System (XMU).

All things considered, the future of Mushe Token both on the DeFi front and Internet 3.0 looks shiny, so do not miss your chance to buy this one new cryptocurrency before the end of the second pre-sale phase on 4 July 2022.

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