What not to do with your children’s parents is all wrong

As you can currently experience, the heat wave is present this week. Heatwave periods are especially dangerous for the youngest and most fragile. So parents need to be extra careful with their offspring. As soon as the sun points to the tip of our nose, we spread the skin on our blonde heads with sunscreen to protect them from sunburn. Then we try to apply to them creams against the various bites of insects such as mosquitoes. Eventually we try to get them to drink a lot more than usual to avoid dehydration or discomfort due to high temperatures. But do we have the right reflexes? For example, there is an object that can even be harmful in the event of a heat wave.

Some tips to survive the heat wave!

If you are lucky enough to live in a house and have a garden, you may be tempted to cool your toddlers with the garden hose or have a water fight. But that’s apparently not a good thing to do. In fact, American firefighters explain why this can put your children at risk in the event of a heat wave.

Beware of the garden hose during a heat wave

A firefighter in Las Vegas posted on Twitter that a little boy had a severe combustion of the water from the garden hose … In fact, the professionals explain that the temperature of the water must first be checked before it is used on children, adults or animals when there is a heat wave. In fact, the water in the pipe must first be allowed to drain out. “Here in Las Vegas, a garden hose exposed to the sun in summer can heat the water inside the hose (which does not float) to 50 ° C or 60 ° C, which can cause burns especially in children and animals. Let the water run for a few minutes to cool before spraying on humans or animals. », we could read. We also share the 5 good reflexes with you and the ideas received that can be dangerous.

1 – Frozen beverages should be avoided in case of a heat wave

By drinking very cold, you do not necessarily get less hot. In addition, it disrupts the heart rhythm which is shocked by the temperature difference. It is thus a great violence for your organism. It is best to drink water that is room temperature or cool, but never ice cold. Sweat will refresh your body.

2 – Avoid fruit juices, beer or alcohol

There is nothing better than water. In fact, it is necessary to ban sugary drinks, fruit juices, sodas and alcohol. Excess sugar will make your pancreas work harder for nothing. In addition, alcoholic beverages will dehydrate you and have a diuretic effect. So you will have to drink a lot more water afterwards.

3 – Do not eat enough and weaken your c * rps

It is true that in the event of a heat wave, we are not often hungry, but we must continue to eat in a balanced way and enough to have all the necessary vitamins. It’s actually not time to lose weight, because we need calories to cope with the heat.

4 – The cold shower should be avoided

Like drinking ice water, it will create a heat shock. Your body temperature will go from hot to cold, like a hydrocution. When the shower is over, it will be a new thermal shock, but in the other direction. You will spend a lot of energy regulating your temperature.

5 – Misuse of the fan

Your fan should not remain attached to you. The unit must actually ventilate and rotate throughout the room. Because even though it is a heat wave, you can catch a cold and cough due to the hot / cold effect. For better efficiency, add a damp cloth or ice cubes in front of the fan.

6 – Open the windows at night

Even if you are afraid that insects will enter your room, ventilate during the night. Although the temperature remains high, it tends to drop. Do not hesitate to place a damp towel in front of your window to moisten and freshen the air.

7 – Avoid playing sports in the city during the heat wave

Sports are good for your health, but not in the event of a heat wave and even less so in the city. During these periods, there is a lot of pollution in the air with ozone peaks. Therefore, it is not recommended to breathe deeply during a sports activity.

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