a featherweight, a reference and adjustable lighting

The Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s new e-reader. While the Kindle brand has quickly established itself as a benchmark in the e-reader market, competition from tablets and smartphones could shake the dominance of a flagship product in the Amazon ecosystem. Is this reader still a reference? Especially since we are used to tablets that combine multiple functions. We answer you in this test.

This reader has been around since 2007, it is the 10th generation of the product and we can see from the packaging that it aims to present a reference that fulfills its role at an affordable price. Its essential function is certainly reading, but the manufacturer has worked to lighten the product, improve the lighting and change the materials.

Screen size 6.8″ screen without glare
Storage 8GB
Resolution 300 dpi
Front lighting 17 LEDs
Weeks of battery life Yes
Adjustable warm lighting Yes
Flat facade Yes
IPX8 water resistance Yes
Colour black
Wi-Fi connectivity Wireless

This test was conducted with a product lent by Amazon.


Kindle Generation Comparison

The latest Kindle paperwhite has a soft matte design on the back. The device is lightweight and easy to hold. The screen is warmer and well lit. The device has an adjustable warm light and offers 24 brightness levels. It features what the company calls a flat design display that provides an ultra-realistic paper-based reading experience.

At the heart of the device is still a 6.8-inch E-Ink screen with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, which makes for pleasant reading.

Adjustable warm lighting

Unlike the blue light emitted by computers and tablets, adjustable warm lighting helps reduce the effects of rays that are particularly harmful to sleep.

Likewise, numerous studies, including one from the Sleep Foundation, claim that the regular blue light emitted by a device keeps you from falling asleep at night. If you have trouble going to bed at night after reading – and that’s not because the book is so good – warm light can help you sleep better and faster.

Now let’s get to the fun part. Setting up your Kindle eReader’s warm light is easy and only takes a few steps. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • When you’re on your Kindle’s home screen, tap the down arrow at the top of your screen. If you are reading a book, tap the top of your screen and tap the down arrow.
  • Under Warmth, press the plus button to increase the warm light and the minus button to decrease it.
  • Tap under the settings menu to close it.
Screenshot to manage the lighting on your Kindle?


The biggest change is the screen. The product is now equipped with a 6.8-inch screen. You might think it doesn’t add much compared to the 6in of previous generations, but once you see the two devices side by side, you realize it adds more screen real estate than you think. †

I measured the actual screen dimensions – not the devices themselves – and found that the previous paperwhite’s screen is about 4.75 inches high and 3.55 inches wide, while the new Kindle Paperwhite’s screen is about 5.5 inches high. and is 4.1 inches wide. Using a medium font size will give you three or four extra lines of text per page and a few more words per line. It is not negligible.

While the screen is larger, the new paperwhite is only slightly larger and weighs just 23 grams more than the previous paperwhite (205g vs. 182g). The model we tried also has a smaller 10.2mm bezel. It would be nice if it was a little thinner and had almost no bezel, but it seems to be closer to the ideal size. It’s still small and light enough to fit in a jacket pocket with a larger screen.

Storage on the Kindle


A single gigabyte or GB equals a million kilobytes or KB. In short, there is enough space for thousands, if not tens of thousands of books. Obviously you won’t download the same title 20,000 times, but you could do it with the 8GB of our trial version. So keep in mind that you can take your entire library with you.

However, there is one important element to keep in mind. If you’ve looked at how many ebooks fit in a given ebook reader storage space and you scratch your head and think “the math isn’t right,” you’re right.

The Kindle system itself takes up about 2 GB, which means that if you buy an 8 GB eReader, you’ll get about 6 GB of usable space, and if you choose the 32 GB model, you’ll have about 30 GB of space. This is a parameter to consider when choosing your storage space.


With their detailed pages and graphics, comics take up much more space than novels, even without the color. But that’s not the only type of file you can access on Kindle, as you can also download and listen to audiobooks.

Neither Amazon nor Audible, Amazon’s audiobook company, reveal how much storage space an audiobook takes up, but it’s much more than your average book or graphic novel. You can only download a handful of them on an 8GB Kindle, and only a few more on the larger device.

However, for using audiobooks, your phone seems recommended as it will most likely have more storage space.

Which version to choose?

However, if you’re using your Kindle for other things like comics or audiobooks, it’s probably worth splurging on the 32GB model – it gives you plenty of room to download volumes, entire comic books, or audiobook series.

Some people also choose to download work documents to the Kindle and keep them installed, and if that’s your case, 32GB might be better – saving you the hassle of constantly deleting documents as you approach the storage limit.

The importance of Wi-Fi

For our test, we had the Wi-Fi only model. To be honest, I regularly use my cell phone’s tethering feature. The Kindle isn’t blazingly fast and is somewhat limited, but it’s useful for checking email, getting news updates, downloading free ebooks from Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, Baen, and more. † and article mode is a nice feature.

  • As expected, the most notable quality of the Kindle paperwhite is the new display with adjustable warm lighting. The text is exceptionally dark and defined.
  • The second most remarkable quality of the Kindle WiFi is its lightness. It weighs 182 grams, as much as a child’s plush.

Manage Books in Kindle Format

As you will have understood, all the books you read on your e-reader will be digital in a format that is thankfully common to all major e-readers. However, there is a procedure to follow to avoid disappointment. And we think it’s essential to prepare for this transfer mechanic for different cases:

  • If you used to buy e-books
  • When you buy Kindle-format books on Amazon
  • If you have books in epub or mobi format

Tutorial Software Caliber Converter

The reference software for performing the conversion tasks is called Caliber. In this video, Youtuber presents exactly the process of converting and also the process of transferring purchases in the Amazon universes. The cornerstone, unsurprisingly, is your Amazon account. Nicely observated!

Price and availability

This edition of the Kindle paperwhite was launched in September 2021 and went on sale shortly after.

This standard version of the paperwhite is available directly from Amazon and several other retailers. The launch price was €139.99 with ads and €149.99 without ads.

That’s the price of an 8GB model, which should hold hundreds of ebooks and a few audiobooks.

Our opinion

Buy a Kindle paperwhite if:

Price: € 139.99 order directly on Amazon

  • You are looking for a suitable screen to read before going to sleep.
  • You like to read and blue light has a great effect on you.
  • You like a product for a single function.
  • You don’t want to worry about the battery of your reading aids.

Don’t buy it if

  • You are a paper fan and have never read on a tablet.
  • You never buy your books on Amazon
  • you want to buy

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