A sensation of “Euphoria”: meeting Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney have a message for me. “I just finished my Bronco!” She says triumphantly. She hesitates for a moment, then grabs the smartphone on the table: “Come on, let’s show you! But no one has seen the result yet. A veteran race car in a shiny red appears on the screen , which exudes new leather. For a little over a year, the actress has been tinkering with this 1969 model while she enjoys documenting her transformation into a mechanic on the Instagram account @sydsgarage. Here there is no full name or profile picture. Only a drawing of her taking the stance of Rosie the riveter, this post-war icon who proclaimed “We Can Do It! on US government posters. During the initial posts, some cautious comments comment: “Is it really the daughter ofEuphoria ? »,« It’s funny how you look like Sydney Sweeney. She smiled in front of me, “It’s true I did not say, ‘Hey, it’s me, I’m working on a car.”

Model Reese Witherspoon

A Saturday in April during the CannesSéries Festival. Sydney Sweeney is on the Croisette to receive the Rising Star Award, an award given to a rising star on the small screen. It’s crazy how Sydney, the star inEuphoria, seems to coexist with the South, the everyday girl. Is this ambivalence the lot for any growing actress? As a 24-year-old, she has already spent half of her life filming. Without ever burning your wings, which in Hollywood is nothing.

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A few arms holdings: she replied Amy Adamsshot in Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood of Quentin Tarantino and starred in supporting roles on HBO. Spectators discovered her mainly in 2019 in Euphoria, portrait of a gang of teenagers drowning their spleen in drugs and sleeping around. She plays a love-sick high school girl and delivers a tragicomic performance that borders on perfection. Very fast, Teen Vogue establishes it as an emblem of New Hollywood, while washington post sees her as an icon for Generation Z. Sydney Sweeney is impatient. There is no question of waiting for the roles to fall on her, she wants to stand out from the Hollywood stars. “During the pandemic, she recalls, I discovered so many books that would make great movies or series. It’s the trigger.

Sydney Sweeney founded her production company Fifty-Fifty Films with the ambition of shaping her career and shedding light on female narratives. The first project? An adaptation of the novel They wish they were us for the HBO Max channel, where it’s about secret society and the disappearance. Sydney Sweeney follows in the footsteps of Reese Witherspoongone from heroine to A blonde’s revenge entertainment mogul whose Hello Sunshine business was sold for $ 900 million. Before making such a move, the star offEuphoria must already impose on itself a world full of prejudice: “I am young, I am a girl, I am blond. People look at me differently, but they also realize that I have my head on my shoulders. Few people know it, but she shone in high school and continued, in parallel with her acting career, studies in business. She still regrets not having taken courses in psychology and architecture: “I can see myself as a 50-year-old having graduated from a many schools, “she says simply. It’s never too late.”

A PowerPoint like sesame

Where does this ambition come from? How did this feverish desire to always surpass oneself arise? She grew up in Spokane, a city of students and soldiers, on the border between the states of Washington and Idaho. The family lives on a farm by the lake, the same building for five generations. There is no television or internet. Teenager Sydney then manages as best she can to overcome the boredom. She thirsts for knowledge. “I tried everything! To cook, sing, dance, build cabins, all the sports you can think of”, she lists endlessly. As a 12-year-old she already drives the old family truck. Two years later she learned MMA, a martial art , which combines martial arts, wrestling and boxing.With a father in the medical sector and a lawyer mother, the cinema is not part of the perimeter of his realities.At least until a film crew takes up residence in the area and seeks to complete its cast.Game in Zombies of mass destruction ? The program is exciting. We still need to convince her parents to let her go among the living dead. Sydney Sweeney invents her very own method: preparing a PowerPoint that carefully implements a five-year career plan. Mission accomplished. His appearance on screen is lightning fast, just long enough to survive a bloody attack and be run over by a car. But that is enough to convince those closest to him of his potential. For a period, the clan goes back and forth to Hollywood. Then she very quickly leaves the family cocoon. With her few suitcases and her big dreams, she moved to the heart of the industry. How does she experience this transition? “Hardly,” she replies bluntly. His parents face financial problems and have no local support. For ten years she linked appearances on television, 90210 on grey’s Anatomy. And with good reason: At the time of the auditions, she faces stiff competition. Each time the same liturgy: the rooms filled with post-adolescent girls who are all alike, Pygmalion parents are even more thirsty for success than their offspring. Casting instructors barely give her a look, and consider her “not tall, blonde or curvy enough” for the coveted roles. “You are leaving the room, shattered,” she sums up in a laughter marked by unrest. Unless it’s the remnants of a little sadness.

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