Crypto letters of April 15, 2022

  • Bison Banka financial institution based in Portugal, has received a license from the Portuguese Central Bank (Bank of Portugal) to act as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP). Bison Bank will set up a special trading department, Bison digital assetsto act as a virtual asset exchange.
Bank of Portugal / Wikimedia
  • In a letter to investors published Thursday, the CEO writes for Microstrategy (MSTR) Michael Saylor called his multi-billion dollar Bitcoin (BTC) treasury a “huge success” in creating shareholder value.

“By adopting bitcoin as a primary liquidity reserve asset, we have made it possible for us to stand out from our traditional competitors and improve our brand image,” he writes, calling the nearly two-year-old strategy “complementary.” to the company’s decades-old analytics business. .

  • Just hours after announcing a $ 41.4 billion takeover bid TwitterElon Musk explained his motivation on the stage of a conference efile Thursday. Tesla’s CEO said Twitter is a de facto public space and should be an inclusive arena for free speech.

“My feeling is that it is extremely important for the future of civilization to have a public platform that can be trusted and broadly inclusive.”

Elon Musk’s tweet about his proposed takeover of Twitter:

  • A recent proposal from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) aims to change the definition of the term “stock exchange” (or stock exchange) and alternative trading systems (Alternative Trading System, ATS) in US rules. However, according to the crypto think tank Corner Center based in Washington DC, this proposal could create “an inappropriate registration standard” that would impose unconstitutional restrictions on software developers’ statements and speeches.
  • Bitcoin (BTC) network transaction fees are rising for the first time since October as activity on the network increases. Meanwhile, charges on the Ethereum network (ETH) are going in the opposite direction, reducing ETH token combustion accordingly, according to the cryptanalysis provider Crypto comparison.
  • Thursday the Federal Bureau of Investigation linked North Korean hackers with the theft of bitcoins worth over $ 600 million by using a service associated with the popular cryptocurrency game Axie Infinity. Although no one has publicly blamed the intrusion, the U.S. Treasury Department on Thursday acknowledged that a digital currency address used by the hackers was controlled by a group of North Korean hackers called “Lazarus.”
Axie Infinity / Twitter
  • A recent study conducted by the leading market research firm Roy Morgan shows that over a million Australians now own cryptocurrencies. “The value of all cryptocurrencies owned by people over the age of 50 is approximately $ 7.6 billion,” the study said.
  • Segathe famous game development company based in Japan, has indicated that it will use NFT (non-fungible token) and metaverse elements in its new game proposal. Called the “Super Game”, this new framework includes a series of AAA games.

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