“I was insanely in love”, Jean-Michel Tiniveli finds himself childless after his marriage and his relationship with Ingrid Chauvin

Children are without a doubt some of the most beautiful things we can have in life. However, Jean-Michel Tinivelli has still not experienced this happiness.

Jean-Michel Tinivelli had known love in the past. He had already married once in his life, and later he also dated another woman. But none of them gave him the chance to become a father.

Marriage that ended in divorce

Jean-Michel Tinivelli has a great career in show business. Nevertheless, his personal life is not always as rosy as one might have thought. And with good reason? To this day, the actor in the movie “A baby for my 40th birthday” still has not found happiness as a couple.

However, he has already been married before. He was only 23 at the time, but his marriage quickly ended in divorce. The actor also returned to this period during an interview he gave on June 15, 2022.

“I was not traumatized! I was 23, I was wildly in love. I had just arrived in Paris, I fell in love and we decided to get married. So this story went, just like others”,

he confided before continuing:

“It lasted three years. No doubt I was a little too young.”

After his divorce, Jean-Michel Tiniveli no longer married. And now 55 years old, he is surprised by his love situation.

“I’m obviously not the only one (…) I wonder how it is possible when there have never been so many ways to meet (…) Maybe we do not take longer to withdraw too much into ourselves “,

he declared.

However, the actor in the movie “Après moi le bonheur” does not regret, even though he still has no children, his age taken into account. On the contrary, he is happy as he is. But if one day he met someone with children, the Strasbourg native said he would receive them out of love.


Jean-Michel Tinivelli has known women in his life, among whom we can count Ingrid Chauvin.

And yes! The Italian-born actress was already in a relationship with her colleague in “Alice Nevers: The Judge is a Woman”, years ago. They even dated for a few years, including from 2004 to 2006.

The former couple had also made the cover of Gala magazine during a file on “TV lovers” in 2005. However, it was during an interview with Télé Star that the actress from the flagship series TF1 “Tomorrow belongs to us” entrusted one of their meeting in a train.

“The day I took the train to Brest, he called SNCF and asked for a seat next to me first (…) That day, I saw him sitting next to me and handed me a box chocolate and whiskey cream, my sweet sins. He simply said to me, ‘I’ll follow you to Brest, and I’m leaving!’ I did not let him go. And the worst thing is that he really had his return ticket, this guy is great! “,

they trusted.

Note that it was in the evening that the two actors met, then fell in love with each other before starting discussions on SMS.

Unfortunately, after two years of relationship, they ended up going their separate ways.

“Life separated us, that’s all. I think when I meet the right person, I will not ask myself more questions”,

had declared Ingrid Chauvin in Télé Star if she had later confided in the Gala:

“It’s me who decides to leave the men. But I kept a very good relationship with him (…) We do not have to go to war when we divorce.”

Today, therefore, the actor from “Murder in Tahiti” takes care of him while he waits for love to knock on the door again.

Ingrid Chauvin, for her part, has already found love in the arms of Thierry Peythieu. In addition, the two dwarf parrots together hosted two children, including a little girl, Jade, who sadly died of a heart defect, and a little boy, Tom, who is having a great time.

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Since breaking up with Ingrid Chauvin, Jean-Michel Tinivelli has focused a lot on his professional career.

After the end of “Alice Nevers: the judge is a woman”, it is thus especially in the detective fiction “Simon Coleman” that the actor appears. In the latter, he especially embodies the role of an officer who is forced to raise his sister’s children.

Moreover, it is clear that the actor shares a common point with his character, as in the series he does not know paternity, besides being single.

“Like Simon, I’m single and have no children. And I think if I became a father, I would be as lost as him.”

he declared in the columns of the magazine Ici Paris.

Despite his situation, it must be said that Simon’s interpreter still did well, even though in order to succeed in his role he had to lure his fictional sister’s children with candy.

After all, he is not so clumsy with children.

“(…) many of my friends have children and I have a good bond with them. I’m the good old friend they can talk to, the one who takes them to the cinema or to the zoo. Singles are no longer ‘old boys’ as they used to be called. And if we’re so popular with children, it’s because we’re detached from custody.

he confided in for an interview.

Would he therefore have found the ideal role in the fictional “Simon Coleman”? Very possible!

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