Laetitia Servières (large families) proud of her tribe of 9 children, she responds to criticism

In the program Large families, life in XXL since March, Laetitia and Sébastien Servières now have a loyal community, and it must be said … a few opponents. Asked about this by TV 2 weeksthe mother has put the record in order.

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A mother with an unshakable smile. For three months now, TF1 viewers have been following the adventures of six new families in season 5 of Large families, life in XXL. The Servières couple, who have settled in Ariège for several years, have created a small cocoon there, consisting of eight children as smiling as their parents, and the ninth is on its way! On June 15, Laëtitia confided TV 2 weeks about son Lenny’s dys problems, a sensitive topic that she had just mentioned in today’s section. It is today with great emotion that the 37-year-old mother arouses the fierce criticism received at the start of the broadcast. Fortunately, she can count on her husband Sébastien’s infallible support.

“We feel very monitored when we go out with the family!”

What do you think about your time in Large families, life in XXL ?

We were taken in our lives to put ourselves on TV, we are exactly alike! Seeing each other is really weird. Even today, it is strange to see and hear each other. I do not think we are still aware that we are on TV, we have not got used to it.

This new fame, are we getting used to it?

It’s true that we feel very monitored when we go out as a family, we tell ourselves that people definitely have to recognize us for insisting that way. They often get away without necessarily talking to us, but it happens, yes. A dozen people have already come to see us to congratulate us, to take a picture, that kind. It is very comfortable, it always makes us happy. I am someone who speaks easily, so it highlights even more the relationships we have with people from our village.

You got your last daughter’s ears drilled to follow the Spanish tradition. Was it important to you?

Among Spaniards, all girls get their ears from an early age. It’s a tradition that we like to repeat, it’s beautiful, it clothes the face … We do it in principle around their 1-year-old. No one escaped it! And my mother speaks a lot of Spanish, she is attached to this culture, so the children often hear this language at home. Moreover, some felt that she had been forced to do so as she was not at all shocked for a penny she even wanted back!

“The criticism hurt me a lot …”

How do you handle criticism of your family?

The first few days I had a lot of problems with the critics, it hurt me a lot. I took everything to myself, the first three days were difficult. I had a hard time taking a step back. Today I learned where I should not go to read these things. There is always some criticism we encounter, but I no longer go where I know my family will be criticized. I took the blow and now I’m laughing at it. Most of the time it is unfounded that people criticize things they do not know anything about … And then at the very beginning we had the impression that all our episodes revolved around our savings, our small budget, but fortunately it calmed down afterwards.

You are often accused of having children to use social assistance, what do you have to say to that?

It is not possible to live on child support. When we take good care of our children, this money is a great help, but they are spent wisely and there is going to be a lack of them even then. Aid is not everything! We are lucky to have them, but we have support proportional to 8 children, so we have no more money or help than families with 3 children. These prejudices are unfounded. We do not profit from our children, we can also have difficult endings of the month. If that was enough, my husband would not work!

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