The deaths of her husband, children, career … Carole Richert’s secrets

Carole Richert is well known to fans of the small screen. After debuting at the theater in the late 1980s and in the cinema in All the mornings of the world in 1991 it was on television that the actress was revealed in The Esperance Riverdirected by Josée Dayan in 1995. While playing roles in several TV series, she shared life as another character in French fiction.

In the late 1990s, Carole Richert lived with comedian Daniel Rialet. A discreet couple who raised their two children Pauline (born in 1996) and Vincent (born in 2000) before saying yes to life in 2003. While their family swam happily in the shelter of the media, her husband died suddenly on April 11, 2006, of a heart attack at the age of 43.

“We were never in folk magazines,” the actress assured at the time The Parisian. “We had nothing to talk about except our happiness”. Always with our colleagues, Carole Richert confided in the goodwill of the public as she went through this painful ordeal. “I’m inundated with letters, signs of love, as if it stung everyone,” she continued, adding. “It’s a beautiful gift, surprising, that did me a lot of good.”

Sixteen years after the disappearance of her children’s father, the famous actress Carole Richert continues to pay tribute to him every year by posting memories on social networks. “Rebellious lock … lively and confident gaze … he knew how to live, love, enjoy … He swallowed life, he was right … a gust of wind and then disappears … that’s how it is .. “16 years already … love is eternal … Life is beautiful”, she wrote three months ago on Instagram.

Asked by our colleagues from TV star, the fifties spilled out of nostalgia over her missing husband and his relationship with their children. “He spoke to them and spoke to them, always with great simplicity. They inherited his qualities: their father was never in a bad mood. He had a certain naivety, he managed to glimpse poetry everywhere.” Two children of stars who have grown up well today …

Who are their two children Pauline and Vincent?

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Eldest daughter of the actor couple Daniel Rialet and Carole Richert, Pauline is now 26 years old and works as a freelance graphic designer. under the name Paupi_Studio. Unlike her big sister, Vincent, 22 years oldis a servant of Le Grand Colbert, dreams of following in the footsteps of his parents, after appearing several times as a comedian on television (Clem, school of Life,Shame, Scenes of households…).

Very present on social networks, Pauline and Vincent Rialet are also the pride of their mother Carole Richert, who does not hesitate to reveal some family photos on his Instagram page. “I taught them to be as close as possible to who they are, I bring them back to them. Their lives should not be like what we see on social networks, this fun virtual double life. It There are good sides to social networks. I play it too. But it creates frustrations, “the family’s mother confided TV star this month of June.

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From Clem to Camping Paradis: TF1’s flagship

PAF’s emblematic face, Carole Richert is known for her role as Marie-France Brimont, mother-in-law Clem on TF1. A character appreciated by fans of the series who have followed her since 2010 from the first season. A success that the star also owes to her unique pair, which she forms together with her fictional partner Jean Dell (Michel Brimont).

While the actress is playing this Monday, June 20 in Camping Paradise on TF1, this is not the first time she has visited the famous establishment directed by actor Laurent Ournac. As some regulars have seen, Carole Richert has been stuck here since she took her first steps in summer fiction in 2010 in the section Gale at the campsitethen for the second time in 2018 in the section with the title Family reunions.

As they say Never two without three, Carole Richert returns for the third time in episode 100 of Camping Paradise where she plays the governess of an Indian princess, played by Kathy Packianathan (revealed in This is where it all starts). “Her talent, her freshness and the light she radiates sprang out of me. I told her very quickly that it would not stop there. And a few days after the end of the filming, she called me to tell me about “It’s all about starting here. I was like her first film mother. A fairy mother … It’s a way to give the torch to her,” she said on the pages of TV 7 days.

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