three albums featuring magical heroines

Focus on three happy albums with young girls who do not have their tongue in their pocket but ideas filled with ideas to help their loved ones. From 8 years.

“The Dreadful Missions of Margo Maloo”, t.3: “The Spider Trap”

“Margo Maloo’s Terrible Missions,” p. 3: “The Spider Trap” by Drew Weing.

ed. Gallimard

There is excitement among the monsters in Echo City! The eager Margo Maloo, specialist and protector of magical creatures, no longer knows where to turn so they can live without being disturbed by overly curious and intrusive people. His friend Charles wants to help him more, but Margo is reluctant to entrust him with delicate tasks. However, she would need support because a mysterious character broadcasts monsters’ hiding places on social networks …

The excellent series by American Drew Weing confirms with this third volume everything we had seen in the previous ones: a real sense of rhythm and suspense, a polished cartoon design, beautiful characters well-established even in the supporting roles. , and a delicious gallery of creatures. Inspired by different folklore from around the world (we find excellent portrait cards at the end of the volume), they populate the cellars or roofs of Echo City and the pages of the album with happiness, without being fantastic carnival animals. Because Margo Maloo is also a fun learning story and good for its time, where tolerance, openness to others and mutual help are fundamental values. Encourage.
r By Drew Weing, ed. Gallimard, 80 pages, € 15.90. From 10 years.

“Heliotrope”, t.1: “Thieves of magic”

“Heliotrope, t. 1:” The Thieves of Magic “by Joann Sfar and Benjamin Chaud

ed. Dupuis

To seduce her classmate Calypso, the naughty red-haired Héliotrope (whose real first name we will never know) is ready for something: she will offer her an extraordinary magical item! For in his family we have been magic thieves for at least three generations, and we frequent vampires, wizards, and other warlike wizards. Alas, nothing will go as planned: Heliotrope will turn blue, middle school students demonstrate in the streets, and the secret world of magic will turn upside down! Regulars of Joann Sfar’s comics will find here his communicative good humor and his exuberant imagination, as well as his art of offbeat dialogues.

The younger ones, who probably only want to read little vampire, will laugh at the delusions (the alcoholic witch’s grandmother is invaluable) and the recurring swear words, and will be content with an adventure without a tail or head but dynamic. For it is also worn by the illustrator Benjamin Chaud (Pomelo), very pleasant to bite with its elastic line in the magical cavalcade of a young girl today, determined to choose her fate. Despite some wanderings in the script and an abundance of voice-over, it is still a crazy, surprising and disrespectful album, carried by a design with infectious energy.
q By Joann Sfar and Benjamin Chaud, eds. Dupuis, 64 pages, € 13.95. From 11 years.

“Tête de pioche”, t.1: “Les Bbêtes du bayou”

“Chopping head, t. 1:

“Hakkehoved, t. 1:” The Babies of the bayou “by Frédéric Brrémaud and Giovanni Rigano

ed. Dargaud

She did not steal her nickname, Pickaxe Head: more stubborn than this kid you die! So when she decides to watch her sister’s show in Louisiana, nothing and no one can stop her. Not even the fact that she’s as tall as three apples, that she does not have a penny, and … that she lives with her grandmother in the mountains of the north of the country, thousands of miles from her destination. But in addition to her haunting persistence, the Tête de pioche also has the gift of communicating with animals. Convenient to cross a continent, avoid traps and human evil!

Here is an album whose premise does not hold much, but which is so funny and removed that we let ourselves be seduced from the first pages. Because the heroine has as much confidence in herself and in the kindness of others as the other party, and because of courage and smoothness, she will eventually reach bayou. In a colorful and luminous atmosphere, the Italian Giovanni Rigano shows that he has integrated all the principles of the Disney Academy (in the design of the characters or the incarnation of the animals), while introducing a nice personality into his boards. His duet with screenwriter Frédéric Brrémaud (especially after the pirate comedy Terror of the Seas) still works just as well: together they offer simple and effective entertainment for a great reading moment. We will find this new heroine with joy!
q By Frédéric Brrémaud and Giovanni Rigano, eds. Dargaud, 48 pages, € 10.50. From 8 years.

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