Anne-Claire Coudray makes very rare secrets about the man of her life

Who is Nicholas Vix?

His name probably means nothing to you. And with good reason, Nicolas Vix, unlike his partner, does not work in the media. It is not in the corridors of TF1 that their relationship begins. Nicolas Vix is ​​a 55-year-old man. He graduated from Dijon Business School. His professional career began in 1999 when he joined Procter & Gamble. In 2000, he became Director of Key Account Sales at Adidas. He started in entrepreneurship in 2007 when he founded his own company, called Weeplay. It is a company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of accessories and sportswear under license.

For the past few years, Nicolas Vix has shared his life as a journalist with Anne-Claire Coudray, who has become a public figure since presenting the 20-hour newscast of TF1. Together they have a daughter. Young Amalya is almost seven years old. Her father managed to get the journalist to enchant, she who revealed in the columns of the Paris Match her kind of ideal man:

I expect a man to stimulate me and surprise me at the same time. I’m not asking him to be my best friend. Each must remain for the other a mystery that we want to discover every day. »

The journalist’s revelations about her relationship

Jordan de Luxe knows how to succeed in his interviews by getting his guests to speak through skillful questions. The scoops are therefore numerous with him. Anne-Claire Coudray obviously wanted, like others before her, to tell more about her personal life with Vincent Vix :

Nicolas has been my companion for several years. We met, we were both already, I would not say a certain age, but I was close to forty and he was in his fifties. It is true that it is very comfortable to build a couple when we already have our personalities and our space of freedom. That we know what we want, but also what we do not want. (…) It brings me love, goodwill … And then it also brings me the fact of bringing me a little bit down from this world, which is very very very intrusive. Journalism is a job that takes more than the time you have to spend on it. And when I get home, it’s good to talk about something else! »

His interview with singer Stromae highlights internet users

A few months ago, the journalist welcomed the Belgian singer so that the latter could promote his next album. Together, they surprise Internet users as it is in the song that he decides to respond to Anne-Claire Coudray by tackling the painful topic of depression. A decision hailed by associations and applauded by a majority of internet users, influenced by the lunar moment they have just experienced.

At this moment, Anne-Claire Coudray saw it in the front row, facing the singer. In the columns of Le Parisien, Amalia’s mother agrees to tell behind the scenes about this moment:

Very few people were aware (…) The sequence ended last Friday. On the form, the artistic director of TF1, Yoann Saillon, had this idea of ​​the incredible sequence plan, which gives even more power to this confession. Stromae was immediately seduced by this idea. There was also the technical issue of sound quality. His sound engineer who had moved and ours worked together”.

Professional, she plays her part. But as she says in the program 50 minutes inside, she is feverish. ” I almost go back to my chair. I’m so scared to disturb him with a movement, with a breath, that I freeze completely. I stop breathing“.

To talk about this moment so intensely that it is almost suspended in time, the journalist talks about a tsunami of emotions: “I am the first viewer to have received this tsunami of emotions that he offers us. I have just experienced a moment of sincerity, which paradoxically is so much stronger and more intense than if he had agreed to answer me normally. We both get chills, yes ”.

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