Camilla Parker Bowles opens up about her life with Prince Charles

In an interview with British Vogue, Camilla Parker Parker agreed to make rare confidences about her daily life with Prince Charles.

As everyone knows, the union between Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana was never a love marriage. As he approached the thirties, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth had still not presented a possible suitor who was ready to share his life and give an heir to the crown. His entourage was therefore involved and was convinced that they had found the ideal person in the person of Diana Spencer, from one of the most prestigious families in Britain.

Charles was therefore ordered to marry the one he had met only a dozen times before their engagement, and they passed the ring on July 29, 1981. But shortly after the wedding and the births of Princes Williams and Harry, the couple wasted no time in falling apart. Because Lady Diana quickly realized it her husband was still in touch with his lifelong love, Camilla Parker Bowles. And that he had no intention of continuing to take on the role of model husband.

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An impossible love

It was in 1970 that Camilla Parker Bowles met the Prince of Wales during a polo match. After a brief romance, Charles joined the Royal Navy, while Camilla Parker Bowles married in 1973 Major Andrew Parker Bowles. They become the parents of two children, Thomas and Laura.

However, the flame never stopped burning between Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles. He divorced Lady Diana in 1992, before their divorce was declared four years later, a year before the heart princess’ tragic death in a car accident. Camilla Parker Bowles leaves her husband in 1995. On April 9, 2005, the Duke of Cornwall marries him, who has always made his heart beat, after years of being forced to love him in secret.

A discreet wife

Often compared to Lady Diana, who is always present in the hearts of the British, Camilla Parker Bowles aroused the anger of her countrymen when her relationship with Prince Charles was made public. A very difficult situation to live with, as she mentioned a few years ago in the columns on Daily mail :

For about a year when we lived in Middlewick, I could not really go anywhere. (…) It was awful. It was a deeply uncomfortable moment and I did not want my worst enemy to go through it. I could not have survived it without my family.

So since then she prefers not to make waves.

When she celebrates her 75th birthday in July next year, the one who will be eligible for the status of queen consort at the coronation of her husband gave an interview to British Vogue. And she was not stingy with self-confidence. Throughout her age, her role as a grandmother, or the hell she went through for only being in love, the Duchess of Cornwall was quite talkative:

It’s not easy. I was scrutinized for so long that I just found a way to live with it. No one likes to be constantly observed, criticized … But I think in the end I get over it all and move on. Life goes on.

Precious moments with Prince Charles

Camilla Parker Bowles also described her daily life with her husband. If their busy schedules prevent them from meeting as often as they would like, the two Septuagans always manage to find a small moment to share during the day:

It is not always easy, but we always try to find a time during the day when we meet. Sometimes we bump into each other just before we go to bed, but we always sit together. We share a cup of tea and discuss our days. We share a moment.

she explained. And to add:

It’s nice to reconnect when we have some time.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bolwes
Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bolwes @ Instagram

The couple also has a small habit that says a lot about their love for each other:

You know, when we’re on the go, the coolest thing is when we sit down and read our books in different corners of the same room. It’s very relaxing because you know you do not have to gossip. You’re just sitting together.

As long as the other person’s presence is enough to make you feel calm …

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