Côtes-d’Armor: a miserable life for six children from a family in Le Mené

The court in Saint-Brieuc was to judge a couple with eight small children. © Stéphane Le Tyrant

Right of Saint Brieuc that Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Each correction hearing draws its share of the trials in which we rub shoulders miserythat distressthem dependencethat perversity and many other things … All walks of life are represented. Every story is a immersion in a world various. But some stories is harder to hear and difficult to write.

This file is sad testimony. That actions of this couple affect borders from bearable and Victor-Hugo could have believed that the court ruled tenardiers. Unfortunately, facts happened in the municipality Ledclose Loudeacand are fine genuine.

Six children placed in extreme emergency

that sheep family, it his own children call ” chief“, must answer for facts of an extreme gravity.

Of violence aggravated applied six children aged 3 to 9 ; of deprivation care, food, hygiene. All this brought judging children on to order their location in extremely urgent to preserve their integrity physical and moral.

That mother of the family, which is also went on for same facts, did not appear in court at the hearing. That explains her husbandshe had to take care of the last two ; of infantsage 3 months

That Chairman is rebelled with this excuse.

“When you, like yourself, have six children who have been placed by the social services in extreme emergencies after violence, and otherwise in a state of legal relapse, you try to take certain precautions to avoid getting your partner pregnant again! You’re eight o’clock today. Do you think you will quit one day? ”

The pill made Madame fat …

In response have warned Explain to pill“made it cultivate “lady.

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It is reporting submitted to the prosecution by it teachers of the school, which finally put one end of Calvary of 6 small sacrifice. The teaching staff had taken attentionfrom long time, state of emergency. But know fear of retaliation, no one dared speak. The defendant was known to be one violent.

that report forensic is constructive: trauma multiples leading to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD); hematomas as a result of physical abuse. But also signs of malnutritionbecause of deprivation of food. All children are covered lus, infected urine in clothing covered by dirt and all were hungry.

This unbearable situation will bring the expert to comment ITT from 21 to 30 days.

“In the morning we did not eat breakfast. No one woke us up to go to school so we arrived late. The boss made sure to feed his animals and our mother stayed in bed to breastfeed the twins. So we waited for the canteen to eat at noon, and then in the evening we were often punished and deprived of food. Sometimes we even had to sleep in the garage … “

A little girl

Six children need to be rebuilt

This June 21, the court is not to judge parentsbut rather two warned, weak, selfish and unworthy, unable to bring a little love into this house full of life. Unable to reveal the slightest emotion.

Today, six children are trying to rebuildby learning what a smile is, by discovering that one is not right having hunger on 6 years and that beatings are prohibited.

The prosecutor will not fail to note the grade irresponsible defendant. It requires 12 months of conditional imprisonment for the lady with care obligations as well as the obligation to complete a parent education course.

Conditional prison sentence

Regarding the “boss” is required 4 years imprisonment including 2 years imprisonment with a deposit order in the bar, accompanied by the revocation of a previous conditional sentence of 4 months.

The court will not follow the prosecutor on the road to detention by passing a verdict on 36 months including 24 months suspensionrevocation of a previous extension of 4 months, the suspension of’custody for 3 years and says that grief maybe convertible.

The couple must also pay an amount of € 25,000 under the various injuries inflicted on children and will be required to follow one parental responsibility course.

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