Gérard Lopez announces major sporting goals for next season

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While Girondins de Bordeaux has been administratively relegated to National 1 for the moment since last week, and DNCG’s decision, Gérard Lopez, the president of the club with scapular, remains confident and showed his ambitions during a very long interview on show “Rothen ignites” this Tuesday night at RMC. For him, Bordeaux has every opportunity to develop in Ligue 2, and if that were the case, then the goal would be to move up immediately to Ligue 1. He also talked about how to succeed in recreating a group, but also about the end of Laurent Koscielny’s adventure or the Benoît Costil case.

Bordeaux’s ambitions to return to L1

“Yes, because we are taking over a club that had a large debt, around 75 or 80 million euros. Which is huge. We have already managed to reduce costs last year. We are still making a big reduction now. Even by making this reduction “Below, it would not be possible for Girondins de Bordeaux to exist. From there, the only faction working is to pass the athlete and go up again. Yes, that will be the goal.”

How to recreate a group

“A lot of work has been done. Many players have been analyzed, selected. Even with the coach, and that’s one of the reasons for the continuity. We wanted a clean sheet, but with a coach who already knows the club and Ligue 2. . ” A coach we trust. From there, it’s a matter of building a squad that is compatible with Ligue 2 with experienced players and players with character. That’s something we missed this year. And that’s what we’re criticizing. I’m not interested in the other topics at all, on the other hand, that’s what I’m criticizing. We can not expect what an Anel (Ahmedhodzic) or an Ignatenko who showed a lot of character or even a little kid like Sékou Mara who showed a lot of character. We can not expect children aged 18 or 21 to carry the club. It is not possible.”

Benoit Costil sagas

“Benoit was injured. And he even played a game live when he had not fully recovered. The reason I do not want to talk about it is that you are like most journalists and I am used to what you only take 10% or 20% of the available information and from there you construct a truth. I do not have to talk about it. That’s all. For me the subject is closed. The decisions that were made during the season they were made for reasons that I knew because there were conversations and discussions. These decisions are not to be discussed here. That’s all. “

About Laurent Koscielny

“I had a vision of what the captain should be. But there are other elements as well, and I will not talk about them here. I did not make a deal out of it. You give someone some responsibility. One and so there you go … If you do not think the responsibility has been taken, decisions have been made. Punctuation. There is no need to argue now. Neither Laurent nor I should argue about it. , I was in quotes in my right.And then the reasons why I did it between me and him and in the locker room remain.

His confidence in David Guion renewed

“He’s a good man, that’s how it is with people I usually like to surround myself with. It’s a great luxury to be able to work with people … He’s someone who is competent. Is the same for Admar Lopes We all had a complicated season, we had a nightmare-like season. And yet, even today, I do not know what we could have done to at least win one of the matches where “We led 2-0. It’s crazy, it’s inexplicable. David Guion, he is a good man, he is someone who knows Ligue 2. He is an extremely competent. From memory, he must have the record for points or goals scored in Ligue 2. He is someone who knows how to do it. ”

His message to followers for the future

“Today, from a factual point of view, is Girondins de Bordeaux in Ligue 2? The answer is no. On the other hand, do we believe in everything and believe in it? The answer is clearly yes, I am not there and investing myself as I do, the coach and Admar Lopes too, the staff … We do not go through the moments we go through and I can say that it is not obvious if one does not believe in it hard as iron For me it is clear that Bordeaux have to be in Ligue 2 next year. But it’s going through the things where it’s going. C It’s complicated, but we want to do it. It’s a message that is not positive, but it’s factual. We have to work to get there.

To summarize

Gérard Lopez, president of Girondins de Bordeaux, has announced big sporting ambitions for Bordeaux next season. The president of the club with scapular wants to be confident in light of Girondin’s future.

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