“It was at the neighbor’s, I did not think about it”

In March 2019, the profile of the typical unfaithful woman was shared by a specialized dating site: 37 years on average, senior director, city dweller, married for more than five years and mother of two children. Various surveys also tend to show that more and more women are turning to infidelity (they were 31% to declare having been unfaithful already in 2014, they were 33% in 2016). Who are these women? What are their motives? How do they organize their lives? These will be the questions we wanted to ask some of them.

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When she thinks about it, Elsa finds herself very inconsistent: “I was in a relationship for more than 5 years, I had never thought of being unfaithful to him before. There, it was with the neighbor, I did not think about it. Someone who “I can understand in three seconds why it’s an extra risk. But my brain never got into it. I wish it was possible, so I went for it.”

The story comes when this famous neighbor becomes single: “I had always known him in a relationship with a girl that I found pretty sweet. But then their love story ended and she left. He did not. Only my neighbor remained, as I saw hanging around the building like a lost soul for several weeks.At one point, in front of the mailboxes, I ended up taking pity on him and offering him a drink.coffee so he can talk about it all and start mourning. “

An enthusiastic neighbor

The neighbor accepts the invitation: “He did not hesitate. He kept saying that it touched him a lot. He went to buy cakes in a patisserie below our building, and he came back to my house. In front of the coffee, I felt that there was a kind of tension.He told me about his couple and what had not worked, but the more the minutes went by, the more there were blanks and I felt that ‘there was something he could not tell me. He finally let it went: he had always found me to his liking and his girlfriend was jealous several times.He made it clear that this was not what triggered the end of their relationship but it still left me in shock.I did not expect that it at all. “

After this message, their discussion takes another turn: “He started to be more seductive, to ask me if I had ever thought of him like that. I’ve always found him sweet, so I do not care. Not hidden. To me was there was never any doubt that something was going on between us anyway. But he insisted and asked me if I would not sleep with him now. “

The neighbor does not really need to convince Elsa: “I had not thought about it, and deep down there was something screaming that it was my chance. I did not think about my friend at the time, did not think it was infidelity. I “just saw this guy on my couch that I really liked and wanted me. I kissed him and we had sex in the living room.”

A time and a place for everything

Their case is over, Elsa is very strict about the rules: “There was no way we would start again. It was not bad, but not crazy, like when sleeping with someone for the first time and they do not. There is no feeling. I did. I do not want to pretend to live a big forbidden love story. It’s just the story of two adults jumping on each other and it has no more value. He was sweet enough to respect it until he moved out. a few months later.I I’m not saying there were not a few strange moments in the hallway or in front of the mailboxes, but nothing remarkable.for someone who did not want to know anything.It was fun, but it was a big risk to my story “and I realized it afterwards. He could have ruined my whole life. I’m glad I came across someone who respected my life and also thought of me. He’s a good person.”


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