Our list of gifts and toys for 1-year-olds

Want to give a gift to a baby celebrating his first candle? What is the best developmental toy for a 1-year-old? What can he play? Here is a selection of toys that will entertain and delight young children of 12 months.

Child development at 12 months

Around his first birthday, the toddler is in full development of his fine motor skills. In fact, his sense of touch is evolving, the baby is now arriving to capture objects with more precision to manipulate them. Children at this age will gradually begin to write on a sheet of paper with a pencil. Similarly, the 12 month old baby will enjoy stacking toys and then … watch them fall! At this age, toddlers will also greatly enjoy using one conveyor or a push-trotter. Likewise, soft toys are also a real source of play and fun for these kids. Musical awakening can also be a moment of enjoyment for a 12-month-old baby. The latter will actually have fun pressing objects to produce sounds that will develop his sensitivity to music.

In the months following its first year, the child will also develop other abilities. He wants to have fun to turn the pages of a book (thick cardboard pages), or throw objects. It’s also time for the first drawings, which are still quite sketchy, but which help him develop his fine motor skills.

A year is also the beginning of the march. Progressive learning, which requires close supervision of parents. If you have the slightest doubt about the choice of toys, ask the seller for advice, who will be able to advise you on safety.

Safety rules for baby toys

In the baby’s first year, it is important to follow certain safety rules. During his 12 months, the child is actually full of curiosity and begins to manipulate the various objects that are within his reach … and which he often puts in his mouth. Avoid toys with small detachable partsbecause the child risks swallowing them. The toys are not safe for young children, so it is important to read the safety warnings on the instructions and on the packaging and to respect the stated age. If the child has a big brother or sister who handles toys at his age, we make sure to put it out of reach of the youngest.

To know: the toys that can pose a danger to children of less than 3 years old must bear the words “Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months (3 years)”, or the graphic age warning symbol (child’s head and 0-3 in a crossed out red circle).

Toys must include CE label, which guarantees a manufacture that complies with the safety requirements.

Our selection of gifts for baby’s first birthday

Here is a list of toys suitable for children of 12 months.

To offer from 1 year old: Joyjoz Piano Musical

© Joyjoz

Musical awakening can start very early for children. If a musical instrument at the age of 12 months will mainly be an instrument of curiosity, it can make the child have fun and awaken its musical sense. The Joyjoz music rug measures 130 X 43 centimeters and has nine keys like a grand piano, on which the child walks and dances. There are instrument sounds and animal sounds! They will love it!

Birthday gift idea for a 1-year-old child: Bloko Tube by 50 Blokos


© Bloko

Blokos gives children from 12 months the opportunity to wake up and have fun through manipulation. Blokos come in different shapes and colors. Blokos are designed in Normandy and are easy to handle for the child and are flexible in shape. Unforgettable play moments, which also help the child to develop his grip.

What toys should be given to a 12 month old child? CLEMENTONI DIY workshop


© Clementoni

One-year-olds are starting to develop their manipulation of objects so they will enjoy playing the little handymen and handywomen. The Clementoni brand do-it-yourself workshop includes three tools (a hammer, a screwdriver and pliers) as well as six accessories (nails and screws), which allow the child to stimulate his fine motor skills. The do-it-yourself workshop turns into a box that the child can take with them everywhere. The toy can be used from the age of 10 months.

What can you offer to a child of 1 year? SMARTMAX – My first magnetic tractor


© Smartmax

Magnetic objects are perfect for easy handling in babies. The Smartmax magnetic tractor contains 21 colorful and varied pieces that allow the child to create good stories.

Ideal gift for 1-year-olds: TOMY-Aquadoodle Mat


© Aquadoodle

Giving free rein to your child’s creativity is possible with the Tomy Aquadoodle mat. It is a mat divided into four areas where the child can draw and doodle. Without ink, everything works with water, avoiding stains! Each area allows you to draw in a different color. In addition to water filling pens, there are stamps that represent different geometric shapes (stars, etc.). Once the water is removed or evaporated on the mat, the child can draw again.

ROLIMATE – Spinning educational game and xylophone


© Rolimate

The Rolimate Xylophone is a wooden game that allows young children to discover musical instruments while having fun. The xylophone has eight keys. The wooden toy set also contains a hammering toy and a mold sorting cube.

Original toy idea for 1-year-old: TOP LIGHT – Activity cube


© Top Bright

This wooden toy contains five activities that allow young children to develop their dexterity while having fun. Thus, the baby can play with a maze of beads, gears or even a watch with needles to manipulate.

VTECH – 1,2,3 Little Dalmatians

Vtech Dalmatian

© Vtech Dalmatian

Vtech’s interactive pets are packed with activities for growing children. Ideal for making new discoveries! The interactive dog has over 100 interactive sounds and songs. Each button is a new activity to discover. From 8 months of age.

LUDI – Pink jumping dog

LUDI jumping dog

© LUDI jumping dog

The pink jumping dog from LUDI is a sling that the child wants to have fun on and work with his motor skills on. The toy is inflatable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The pink jumping dog from LUDI can be used from 10 months.

SMOBY – Rocky Carrier

smoby carrier

© Smoby

The Rocky carrier from Smoby is suitable for children from 12 months. It will allow them to work on their fine motor skills by discovering how to increase speed, move and brake. The carrier’s 4 silent wheels allow the child to use it without scratching your ears! With a handle under the seat, the carrier is easy to transport inside and out.

DREAMFUN – Montessori toys in wood – Carrots

carrot games

© carrot games

Montessori toys are suitable for children and allow the development of their fine motor skills. In this toy, the child has to stick small carrots of different sizes into the right holes. This game allows him to work on his thinking while having fun.

CLOUD B – Tranquil Turtle night light

Calm turtle

© Tranquil Turtle

A gift to help a 12 month old baby fall asleep is also possible! Cloud B’s Tranquil Turtle Nightlight generates an adjustable light blue light. The night light can also play relaxing sounds based on the aquatic environment. It is also possible to program the shutdown of the night light when the baby has fallen asleep.

What gift for the first birthday? CRAYOLA – My first set of colors and stickers


© Crayola

This Crayola MiniKids set allows children from 12 months to learn the joys of drawing and coloring. The set contains markers, pencils or even stickers that fit the small hands of small children. A coloring book is also included. This set can still be used by older children.

GUND – Flappy the elephant interactive soft toy

Flappy elephants


The interactive soft toy Flappy the elephant moves and sings to give your child fun. Plush can move its ears to play hide and seek with the toddler. Soft, plush is easy to clean.

ASTON KINDERKRAFT: Evolutionary tricycle


© Kinderkraft

Aston evolutionary tricycle from the brand Kinderkraft can be used from 9 months to 5 years of age. Fitted with a harness and crotch strap for stability, the child can thus step on the pedals and if he is tired, the tricycle can be pushed by the accompanying adult.

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