The French singer is already introducing her children to music!

The coach of The Voice wastes no time pushing his kids into the bath of music. Amel Bent shows off her kids on instagram!

Mother of three children and alone at the moment, Amel Bent has not lost any of her talents. And she has just proved it again with this hit, which is already a hit on Youtube.

But that’s not all, she already wants to permeate her children with music. It was through a post on social networks that we were able to conclude this. We will give you more details right away!

Amel Bent and his children comfort themselves with music

A true passion for Amel Bent, music is a part of his life … not to mention that it’s what makes him live. But also to his whole family. Since at the moment, the singer is committed to support his three children on his own. Since the beginning of last month, her husband has been jailed in a jail and the sentence to be served is 15 months.

Since the latter is charged with multiple counts, the most important of which is the scam. He is currently being held in the Nanterre-Hauts-de-Seine prison center. Sofia and Hana’s mother can only survive away from her ex-husband. However, she lives well this separation. And she proved it recently on social networks.

Not only has Amel Bent not lost any of her musical talents, but she is also having a great time with her children. And recently, she too has just come out a new pipe, with young singer Benny Adam. The hit Lossa is currently at a few thousand likes on the largest streaming video platform.

But that’s not all we could see, thanks to her several appearances on the set for The Voice, which the young mother adorned day by day. Moreover, her performance after the birth was a hit. And stylistically, she has not lost touch. She associates public appearances with for glamorous and stylish outfits ! Something to get people talking about his current living conditions!

His youngest even has a rhythm in his blood

Although the coach of The Voice has not yet shared the name of her little boy with her fans, she does not hesitate to perform with him on instagram. Clearly, the face of the little man of 2 months is camouflaged, to maintain his intimacy. In the videos, however, we can already see that he has a sense of rhythm. In fact, last Tuesday, the mother shared one togetherness with his children !

And this time, she decides to bring her fans into privacy. That’s why she shares the videos on instagram … enough to make the star’s biggest fans happy. It is about a small private music session. In the video, while Amel Bent makes sure to hide the youngest’s face, Amel Bent keeps him on his knees. It is during this first video that she performs in acoustic version with her new song Lossa!

Subsequently, it turned out that they were not alone in this little live. The two daughters of Amel Bent were actually also part of the show. We see them knocking on a box while listening to their mother’s new title. And the least we can say is that they were having fun ! And even though we did not see them clearly, it was confirmed that they were actually Sofia and Hana.

But that’s not all, as Amel Bent has just released a new hit. It is not an easy task, knowing that she can no longer count on Patrick Antonelli helping her with the children. That’s why she trusts the complexity of his life daily. When she was interviewed on the subject, she does not hesitate to show that she is like all mothers!

Amel Bent is going through hardships

After the imprisonment of her husband, the daily rhythm inevitably changes. But that is not all, as the situation has just changed with the expansion of family members. Amel Bent in particular admitted that the first month was really tough. “I had forgotten how much babies cried,” she said.

Therefore, before she could release her new song, she had to collaborate with Benny Adam surpass yourself and compromise at bedtime. “I had trouble concentrating,” she confided. But his efforts have paid off, as Lossa has already been listened to more than 150,000 times by users!

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