This is the game that is most responsible for children’s emergency rooms, beware!

Even though they thought they were safe, children take a huge risk by playing with this device. We explain why!

SOS children in need!

A few days ago, a heat wave invaded every plot of land in France. More than a feeling of exhaustion, rising temperatures can have a devastating effect on children’s bodies. Sunscreen, hydration should be automated. However, a question is circulating in the parents’ heads. How do you find them a sports activity worthy of the name? It is not worth relying on swimming pools. Often taken by storm, it is not comfortable to swim in these conditions. One thing is certain.

Due to inflation and the decline in purchasing power, despite the disbursement of this support, a majority of families do not have the means to escape. This is why playgrounds are popping up like mushrooms. Inside these, young and old put all their chips on this game. The advantage is that you can improvise. However, many are not aware that it can sometimes hurt more than practicing a martial art.

What is the most harmful activity for children?

For children, the trampoline is still an excellent way to release steam. Since there are no rules, you can do all the movements you want without risking being reprimanded. On the contrary, the more crazy the character seems, the more one gets congratulations from those around him. On the side of the emergency personnel, however, the alarm bells are ringing. Every summer, one regrets a massive increase in accidents due to this sport. How unfortunate is it to be able to remove it from the possibilities … Unless there is a solution to defy the danger?

In sports shops you can find children’s trampolines. Installed in his garden, he allows them to take a fresh breath without having to go to an amusement park. Spread the word ! The price of the ticket is almost profitable by the curious and ruthless. However, a British study underscores this paradox. Doing it at home instead of elsewhere would halve the risk of going to the hospital. Object explains why and how!

To great evils …

They are our colleagues from the newspaper The health magazine who put his finger on the core of the problem. Inside the parks, “the higher the tensile strength used [produit] a harder rebound and [crée] a jump higher. » We will, without drawing a picture, have understood the importance of ” pressure » exercised on children’s bones has unfortunate consequences for the future. But this is not the only factor!

Between children there is competition. It is up to the one who wants to make the most beautiful figure. First of all, they warm up shortly before. Then they will challenge their peers at all costs. That is why they do not measure the magnitude of the disaster that is hanging in their face. In a fraction of a second, once on the trampoline, the dream of flying away like a bird can mutate into a waking nightmare!

… The good funds!

For those who participated in this study, the result is clear. The owners of these trampolines, open to all, must erect ” safety rules “. Once the children are registered, they throw themselves into the water. Staff, for their part, should review their copy. Have the parents sign one disclaimer in case of damage, That is insufficient!

Like bowling shoes, you should invest in protective gear. It would be such a game changer! With a simple ” upholstery“, the researchers estimate that we could eliminate about half of the pain (” arms, cuts and concussions “). It may be a detail for you, but for us it means a lot! Who should have the last word between the different parties? We promise we’ll tell you the rest in the next issue ofObject. Until then, take care of yourself and see you soon for new adventures!

Thanks to our colleagues from The health magazine and to British Medical Journal Injury Prevention

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