TRACé organizes a Graphic Design Biennale until 30 October

IN BRIEF – TRACé offers its first graphic design biennial from June 21 to October 30, 2022 with the central theme: “Scenography for the exhibition”. In the Musée de la Viscose, the Musée Géo Charles and the Center du Graphisme d’Échirolles, staging is in the spotlight. With a place as important as that of the elements on display.

“The premise of this graphic design biennale is to avoid the trap of simply ‘hanging’ pieces”. Some may find this project curious. Indeed, what could an exhibition highlight if not these pieces?

The TRACé has nevertheless launched the challenge as part of its first Graphic Design Biennale, organized from June 21 to October 30, 2022. It is the successor to the Month of Graphics, another emblematic biennale in Échirolles since 1990.

“Changing the name puts it on the same level as Chaumont, the other organizer of graphic biennials in France. The Chaumont Biennale took place in 2021. There is now a real change with a biennale every year”, rejoices Virginie Vignon. The former head of exhibitions and collections of the Center National du Graphisme de Chaumont now heads TRACé.

Three TRACé buildings, three exhibitions

For example, the Graphic Design Center is hosting the 2degree-petition exhibition. Launched in 2018 by Thierry Sarfis and Arnaud Corbin, this daring project brings together some thirty countries. All with the same goal: to create an image bank around the fight against the causes and consequences of climate change.

In the background the Paris Agreements, signed during the Cop21 in 2015. The exhibition also bears the Green Capital Event label. A selection of posters, photos and illustrations, chosen by Virginie Vignon, curator of the exhibition, thus occupy the various rooms of the Center. Yann Moreaux and Emmanuel Mille sign the scenography.

The Géo Charles museum puts the publishing world in the spotlight. An exhibition reconstructs the entire graphic chain of the Marchialy house. Books with single graphic covers, linocut illustrations and custom typographies: a variety of creations, highlighted by scenographer Mathilde Gullaud.

Engraving from the book L’Écho du lac, published by Marchialy. © Guillaume Guilpar

Finally, visual creation can be seen at the Musée de la Viscose with Ready’Digit. Three artists present their productions to the public. A mix between three different digital universes, expertly staged by Martial Barrault. On the programme: video sequences and fixed media by Benjamin Bardou, for a walk of the viewer into the image; colorful and sensual drawings by Léa Zhang or digital productions by Julien Gachadoat, in between “accuracy of the information code and poetry of art”.

Exhibitions outside the walls

Until Tuesday 13 September from 5 pm in the University Library Law & Letters (campus Saint-Martin-d’Hères) for the opening of the exhibition “Marchialy open book”. Jacqueline Madrennes and Virginie Vignon, respectively president and director of Tracé, will be present at the occasion.

“One of TRACé’s goals since its inception has been to work with students”† And it is precisely the work of students in their third year of license at the Institute of Communication and Media that will be presented on June 21 during the official opening of the biennale at the Graphic Design Center. The ICM library, located a stone’s throw from the Center, will then exhibit these productions from September 12 to October 12.

“The students were amazed at the principle of scenography. We started with musical works. They then made a proposal about the layout of the works. This work is exhibited above the exhibition halls, on the middle floor of the Graphic Design Centre. †, explains Virginie Vignon. Thus, visitors can discover some of the visual works performed, as well as audio recordings in which the students express themselves on imagined scenographies.

L3 info-com (ICM) students took part in a masterclass exhibition scenography on Friday 25 March 2022 © Justine Reynaud - Place Gre'ne

The students of L3 info-com (ICM) participated in a masterclass exhibition scenography on Friday 25 March 2022. © Justine Reynaud – Place Gre’ne

A “masterclass” format that is nothing new. The Graphic Design Center had already received space design students from the Effect Studio Créa school. For example, several models of exhibition space had been made prior to the Biennale. The Center subsequently exhibited them on the occasion of the Museum Night on 14 May. The goal: to invite the visitor to wonder what 3D spatial design is.

A continuation of activities, “outside the walls”

  • October 12 from 6 to 7 pm (ICM – Amphi Nadar): conference on NFTs. Free entry without reservation
  • October 13 from 7 pm to 8.30 pm (CCSTI Grenoble – La Casemate): master class “The art and the way of drawing”. Free entry without reservation.
  • October 16 from 11 am to 12 pm (Maison des Associations): conference with gestures The truth by the Mythical Company. Free entry on reservation

The full program can be found on the TRACé website.

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