Vacancy Creative Director – Graphic Designer UI / UX – Lille (59)

Today we are looking for a Creative Director. He/she reports to the General Manager and contributes to the development of the creative vision of Hootside.

In close collaboration with the various studio team leaders, he or she works with all designers (internal and external) as well as with clients and partners.

Our Creative Director guarantees the artistic and experiential quality of the productions. He or she will also be involved in user interface design missions and supporting the production of all kinds of visual aids.

Here are the different planned missions:

1. Creative Project Management

  • Develop, understand and maintain the needs of the client and/or partner, and its target audience, in collaboration with the General Manager and the Technical Manager;
  • Monitoring of the entire production chain through the managers of the different departments (creative, technical, marketing);
  • Guiding decision making and ensuring it is aligned with the studio’s creative vision, respecting its processes, biases and values
  • Ensure a good follow-up of the creative work validation processes of the studio with the partners, of which you guarantee;
  • Provide the link between your different production teams and the company’s partners, through the project management software and synchronization points;
  • Collaborate with the team to resolve unforeseen issues that arise during the creation, production and delivery process;
  • Supervision of installations and flows on site and any scenography;
  • Inspiring and guiding creative teams;
  • Stimulate, supervise research and participate in business development;
  • Supervision of our lead artist (who directs our artistic team consisting of a 2D artist, a 3D artist and an animator).

2. Art direction

  • Provide artistic direction and quality control for all projects;
  • Design the graphic charter and artistic identity of the studio and our games (characters, environments, atmosphere…), conduct research and create concepts that all teams can rely on;
  • Produce the flagship graphic elements of our experiences and get their approval (visual key, scenography, etc.);
  • Follow and promote our initiatives (keynotes, interviews, etc.).

3. Graphic design and UI/UX commands

  • Design mobile game interfaces with intuitive features, allowing players to navigate fluidly (wireframing, prototyping, model design, export of fixed or animated assets);
  • Conduct research on personas, create prototypes and lead user testing sessions;
  • Retouch 2D assets/photos and manipulate image composition;
  • Realization of Print Supports (AR Markings, POS, Photobooth, Flyers, Informative Documents, Brochures, Infographics, Posters…);
  • Realization of web media (email banners, social networking resources, GIFs, various visuals…).
Our ideal:
You are strict, demanding, highly organized and you have an eye for detail. Teamwork is a source of motivation for you, and you cannot imagine your position without collaborating and sharing it with others. You like a challenge, you like varied assignments and a high degree of independence. You don’t think a problem can exist without its solution.

Skills :

  • Mastery required: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe xD, Illustrator, In Design
  • Minimum Basic Skills: After Effects
  • UX concepts without necessarily being an expert on the subject: you’ve already researched personas, built prototypes, performed user testing;
  • You are French-speaking and you know how to conduct a professional conversation in English (international partners)

In terms of experience, you did not necessarily have your education in a specialized video game school, but in any case in the visual arts/design. You have a good knowledge of how mobile games work, you have already designed user interfaces and you have a minimum of 5 years experience in mobile interactive design.

What we can offer you / The environment in which you grow with us:

  • A job full of daily and exciting technical challenges
  • A daily newspaper rich in different and varied popular licenses (video games, pop culture)
  • A small team of enthusiasts with multidisciplinary skills (15 people)
  • A startup with strong ambition, in strong growth, collaborating with major entertainment companies (Ubisoft, Asterix, CBS …)

Type of contract: Full-time position, permanent

Our studio is located within Euratechnologies in Lille. We are a warm and human team (15 people).
We have a hybrid telecommuting policy: if you come to the office every day, we would be happy to welcome you there. And if you prefer to telecommute, you can do it several days a week, there are just a few face-to-face days to plan each month (about a day/week). For organizational reasons, it is better to live in the metropolis of Lille, less than an hour from the office 🙂
Benefits in kind (restaurant vouchers, interesting health insurance)
Frying benefits (tasty food trucks all week!)
Remuneration according to profile and experience.

Recruitment Process (the rules of the game!):

1/ Beginning of the HootGame!
Which character are you? To participate in the Game, you must be creative and motivated.
CV, very personal cover letter, references, personal book, achievements or recommendations, you will only be admitted to the HootGame if you prove to be a strong opponent!

2/ Level 1: Visio Fighting!
You’ll face the Keeper of the Box for 30 minutes, the one the entire tribe of “Hootsiders” calls the Inhuman Resources Manager (RRI).

3/ Level 2: The Test!
No delay! Challenge yourself to our technologies and affirm that you have the guts to join us. Beware of the cheat detector!

4/ Level 3: The Big Bosses!
Test approved! You pass an important stage of the “HootGame” but now you are confronted by the great creators of Hootside. Beware, they could be joined by their loyal ally, the RRI you already experienced at the start of the game, or even other Hootsiders!
Under oath and confidentiality, you will discuss current licensed projects with video game publishers and entertainment partners.
You must be ready to defend yourself against technical surprise bonuses.
You read the judgment of the bosses on your test.
Global fit: Exchanges around xp, skills, mindset, desires, understanding of the function and what Hootside is.

5/ Level 4: The Temple!
Welcome to the Temple of the Hoots! Left to your own devices, you will have to defend yourself against the proposal the RRI will make to you. Will you survive the negotiations?

6/ Level 5: Heat!
cheer! You proved to us that you have the guts to join our tribe. Place at the official ceremony where you officially sign your contract completing your climb in the HootGame. The game is now over, here you are Hootsider for the rest of your life :).

7/ Hotside Story!
You will discover our beautiful world, populated by irreducible “Hootsiders” who are ready to carry out big projects in the universe of augmented reality. Sit down and get ready to experience thrills! † †

CV, cover letter, portfolio.
Attention: Recruitment Manager

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