Cyndie (Married at First Sight) finally reveals why she was not intimate with Jauffrey

Their marriage seemed idyllic, and yet … Behind the appearance of a perfect couple, Cyndie and Jauffrey had a hard time during this early relationship. Setbacks that Cyndie wanted to return to, in the columns of Tele-Fritid. We tell you everything.

The season off Married at First sight is already coming to an end. During the final episode, M6 takes stock of the candidates, several months after their marriage. Are they still a couple? Viewers are eager to learn more about Cyndie and Jauffrey. These two are originally from the South of France and have experienced a wave of popularity on social networks. It must be said that the beginning of their relationship was a dream.

The experts also immediately believed that they were created for each other. On the one hand, Jauffrey, a former top swimmer, lives in Marseille. As a 39-year-old, he motivated himself to attend the show. Because he has a hard time finding love. His friend Eric remains confused. He is perfect. He is kind, gentle, caring, delicate “, he actually explains to the cameras on the M6.

“I preferred to say hello to our relationship”

For her part, Cyndie, a 33-year-old cosmetologist, has not found love for two and a half years. She therefore wants to find a relationship that matches her, thanks to the show’s experts. ” I do not know how to find someone who is good to me She explains to the cameras Married at First sight.

The experts thus estimated that they had a compatibility of 76%. When Cyndie hears the news, the boxing fan collapses in tears. Her sister and her best friend are looking forward too. Cyndie immediately got carried away by Jauffrey.

But then things changed. His joy quickly gave way to a certain sadness. It must be said that the young couple has experienced many adventures. Starting with Cyndie’s mother who did not like to learn that her daughter was getting married in the show. The latter flatly refused to put her legs at her wedding.

Disputes that do not appear in the edit …

After the wedding and the honeymoon, Cyndie and Jauffrey got to know each other better. But their first week together did not go as planned! No intimate relationship, they were distant from each other. Especially Cyndie, who was not tactile. It is as if the couple had a very hard time understanding each other.

What viewers are far from imagining is that they had several arguments that were not edited in the sections. Including one during their honeymoon in the Canary Islands! I needed to know his sincerity and whether he was really ready. So I preferred to dig, to know if he was ready, I wanted to know what he expected from this experience, if he really wanted a woman in his life, especially if he was ready. », thus, Cyndie reveals in the columns of Entertainment TV.

With Jauffrey, she therefore had long conversations about the vision of the couple. By mutual agreement, we were still discussing on the honeymoon. It gives the impression that we did not talk about it, but we discussed it anyway. On the honeymoon, I would not give myself, she continues. Eventually, the young woman decided to keep her distance. She would only get involved if the relationship was really serious.

Cyndie: Will this couple last?

That’s why I preferred to say hello to our relationship during our honeymoon“, in fact, Cyndie explains. I protected myself because I had very painful relationships, I came across boys who sold dreams and who were not sincere towards me. I wanted to do things differently.“, she concludes.

In the latest news, the couple has still not spent a romantic evening together. According to Cyndie, Jauffrey goes to bed without even waiting for her. Will this change? What do you think ?

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