Florent Pagny: Amel Bent’s moving and captivating statement about the coach of The Voice

Florent Pagny is not alone in her fight against her cancer. In fact, he can not only count on the support of his family, but he can also benefit from the comfort of his coaching friends. They were there for him. Everyone has also dedicated messages to him, including Amel Bent. She made a moving statement to her friend from “The Voice”. Find out what she said.

“It’s a real life lesson”

January was a trying month for Florent Pagny. For good reason, it was this month that he knew about his cancer. According to reports, the “My Freedom to Think” singer learned about the news while filming the “The Voice” show. In an interview with Aufeminin, Amel Bent returned to this moment by saying:

“I will never forget this scene. He knew it, he told us, and immediately he went back to the set. We went behind him in silence, and we thought he was a warrior. We always move and wonder how we would had reacted if we would have gone home right away and stopped everything. He did not, he said ‘come on, the show must go on’ and that’s a real life lesson. “

Florent Pagny wanted to be transparent about his cancer. In addition to announcing it to his fans, he also announced it to his coaching friends.

“We saw it as a great proof of love, friendship and trust on his part. He did not have to take us into his confidence. In addition to the fight, we knew he was going to fight, we all tied together. We finally learn to discover ourselves in these armchairs, we know each other, but without knowing each other before that, it takes time to get to know each other, to love each other. And suddenly, there, our relationship has developed, ”supported Amel Ben.

A real family

For the singer, Florent Pagny’s choice to confide in them his illness, but also his way of managing the news, was a harsh lesson in life. At any rate, the shock was brutal to them when they found out about his cancer.

“The concept of The Voice family became very concrete with the announcement of this somewhat violent news. The strange thing is that at the time of the blind auditions, no one knew it, he did not know it himself. And paradoxically, there were other much happier events. I was pregnant, Vianney had just become a father because his little boy was barely a month old. We were in a reality of life, with its most beautiful. So in the most difficult also when Florent was told about his illness. Finally, as a real family, we lived these things, the good and the bad together, ”said the mother.

An admiration for Florent Pagny

As a reminder, Amel Bent rubs himself with Azucena’s husband for two years on the red armchairs. In addition to being a coach, he is one of the bosses of French singing. His career in music has made him an essential singer. He was also a remarkable trainer both for his foals and for the other trainers.

Amel Bent has complete admiration for him. She also trusted:

“He’s the boss. We can not reduce this experience to what happened and which upset us all. He has strength. Personally, it’s what bothers me about Florent Pagny, his naturalness, his honesty, his altruism. He is a who speaks to you, who says things to you, who probes you, he is full of love and yet he does not caress you in the direction of the hair, he is not a flatterer, he does not have time for it.So what he says is said as it is said and it will be with you and me, I have so much respect, so much admiration and love for him, I had it before.I had the chance to sit next to him and today I can say that he is a great man. “

It is clear that Amel Bent is younger and does not yet have the same career as his oldest. She may be impressed, but more than Florent Pagny’s artistic abilities, she retains his qualities as a man in a moving and sincere testimony.

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