Football. Francis de Taddeo (FC Metz): “Showing our know-how”

Despite its reputation as a training club, FC Metz has in recent years struggled to develop local players among the professionals. Why do you think?

“I do not really have an answer. There is always a debate. When I arrived in Auxerre, Caen and Montpellier, I had to deal with a real training crisis, which is not the case here, I do not think. With all the information I have gathered, which enabled me to make an initial review, I think we are not in a crisis.In these former clubs the system was broken.The coaches complained that the professional coaches did not play the young, the coaches for the professionals felt , that the young people did not have the level. My position is very clear: A professional coach is not paid to play young people, but to win matches and delight the public. Inevitably he chooses the best players. If the young people are the best, play If they are not equal, he does not play them. It’s often a matter of time. We may be in a dip. We need to analyze that. Compared to Metz, I do not know what happened. We will study all the practices for to see why the recent seasons ones have been less successful in terms of the arrival of young players, and to find solutions. The goal is to bring Laszlo Bölöni and Pierre Dréossi the best possible level of quality so that players are able to integrate the base eleven or sixteen reference from FC Metz. »

Had you already planned to leave Montpellier when the opportunity to join FC Metz presented itself?

“Apart from my cycle in Metz – I arrived in 1985 and traveled in 2008 – I was led to make shorter cycles. Not necessarily my action: In Auxerre, a presidential-level clash put an end to my extension negotiations; in Caen the president was put on the sideline of the shareholders and I was asked to go.When I came to Montpellier in 2018, I always said we would work for three or four years and then we would see.There I thought the subject and the command was continued.Continuing in Montpellier was an option because Laurent Nicollin wanted it and because I was having a good time there.Returning to Metz was another.I said to myself: why not start a new project that interests me “It’s not necessarily because it’s Metz, but because there’s a pretty incredible potential emerging, and I want to contribute to that.”

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Do you have the feeling that young players with high potential are more in demand today than they were fifteen or twenty years ago? How is this problem negotiated?

“You are absolutely right, this is a real issue. There is an industrialization of talents today. All European clubs, even worldwide, are interested in children from the age of eight or nine. Networking has a lot to do with it. We do not necessarily need other people’s players. What interests Monaco or PSG is not necessarily our core recruitment. I regret that a child of twelve or thirteen years is given to the highest bidder, but it is the choice of the parents, the environment. We need to assert our know-how. We have real quality technicians in relation to education. That is why I say that there is no crisis, people have worked well. Simply put, there can be a slight deflation. But we return to work to demonstrate our know-how. If people like it, it will mean we work well and the parents will want to come here to practice. Who would not want to come to these premises? We must now convince people that our way of working creates joy, pride, so that the children say to themselves that this is where they want to sign. This is how we did it before: The big players who came here came because they believed in our project, our conviction. When we came to Metz, it was common sense choice because we were publishing something. »

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