MacBook Pro 13-inch M2: what do the first tests think?

Presented earlier this month, the MacBook Pro M2 is already on the market and the first feedback is already there. What should we think of Apple’s new entry-level Pro laptop?

In early June, Apple hosted WWDC 2022 and the entry was marked with several key announcements. The Apple brand has formalized its new M2 chip and incrementally formalized a new 13-inch MacBook Pro. For this 2022 release, Apple has not completely revised its copy and it is the MacBook Air that benefits from the most notable changes. However, the MacBook Pro 13” M2 arouses a certain curiosity and can even boast that it has the first to ship second-generation Apple Silicon chips† But is it enough to convince and impose itself on the 13-inch machine segment?

A brand new engine, same body

The main novelty of this 13-inch MacBook Pro is: the presence of the M2 chip† After a first convincing attempt, Apple wants to dot the i’s with this new generation. On paper, this M2 chip comes in the form of an 8-core processor (CPU) and an 8 or 10-core graphics part. This is complemented by a 16-core neural engine (for AI) and up to 24 GB of unified memory. According to Apple, the M2 offers up to 18% faster processor and graphics performance (GPU) up to 35%. It also offers improvements for the multimedia part, while the new-generation neural engine performs 40% more operations than the M1.

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The M2 chip makes the difference

Apple’s promises are being verified and our colleagues from 01net are calling “a nice leap forward compared to the M1”† The performance gain is close to what the Cupertino giant is announcing (“17.94% in multi-core”† allowing the M2 to compete with Intel’s Core i3 or i5 and even dominate “almost the energy-efficient Core i7”† As with the previous generation, Apple excels with “its Watt performance ratio” and the M2 manages to “almost on par with the Core-i7 1260P […] dominate with a short head”

From the side graphics performancethe M2 shows itself “40% more efficient than the M1” and “four times more than the latest Intel 13-inch MacBook Pro”

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Indeed, as we have explained in this article, the M2 is the replacement… for the M1. It’s not about shaking up the hierarchy and the variants of the M1 (Pro, Max, Ultra) are high-end chips. Still according to 01net, the M2 defends itself against the M1 Pro in Single Core and logically gives way in other areas. “Except for the result in Single Core, the M1 Pro retains control, in multicore (+12%), and also and especially in Compute (+23.6%), which measures the performance of the graphics part”we can read in the test.

Same story with our colleagues from Presse-citron who confirm that the MacBook Pro M2 has it underfoot† Maybe too much, because the numbers aside, this extra power isn’t always necessary on a day-to-day basis. “We didn’t feel a huge power gain over the MacBook Pro M1, which already fulfilled the contract perfectly”, the site says. Nevertheless, the machine’s Pro orientation helps to save precious minutes. That constitutes “an important plus in terms of productivity and profitability”

Finally, this new engine seems more interesting for those who have not crossed the course of the M1.

An atmosphere of déjà vu

As Apple dusts the inside of its entry-level portable machine, we can’t say the design evolves† This new model “takes the exact same chassis as the 13″ MacBook Pro with M1 chip”, as noted by Presse-Citron. We can go even further by noting, as 01net does, that the appearance “hasn’t really changed since 2016” except for the Touch Bar bracket. The latter is still present on this model.

MacBook Pro M2 Review
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You also have to deal with “same sparse connection” and judged “far too poor to meet the needs of professionals”† This 1.4kg laptop is limited to two Thunderbolt/USB4 ports and a 3.5mm jack. So don’t rely on a port for microSD card, USB-A or the MagSafe. All these elements are absent subscribers while 01net points out “the efforts of the competition, Chinese or American, especially at Dell with the XPS 13”

Note that if “The MacBook Pro M2 has excellent image quality” According to Lemon Squeezer, Apple isn’t making any changes. While the health crisis has reminded us of the importance of a good webcam, the last one is always in 720p and ” bad quality “† It doesn’t evolve and remains a weakness on a machine that targets telecommuters anyway.

13-inch MacBook Pro: a durable machine

On a laptop, battery life is at least as important as power. The 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 delivers not only performance, but also battery life. It manages to do slightly better than its predecessor with an autonomy of 17h11 in general use, by 4:57 p.m. for the model with M1 chip; according to the statements of 01net. The difference is minimal, but you have to keep in mind that this new model is also more powerful. Apple knows how to do better on these two defining criteria.

MacBook Pro M2 Review
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Was the bet successful?

These initial tests tend to confirm that: the Apple brand masters its subject with its Silicon chips† For Lemon Squeezer it is: “It’s hard not to be thrilled with this MacBook Pro 13” M2″. Apple’s machine ticks a lot of boxes and “the M2 stands alone” for 01net. However, it seems to be stuck in a design “comfortable and well finished”, but it doesn’t evolve. To this has been added “historical absurdities” like the webcam ” deprecated “ or the Touch Bar.

Also stays the question of the positioning of this machine who interrogates our two colleagues. Like us, they wonder if the 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 is wrong suffer from competition with the MacBook Air M2† The latter is entitled to more novelties and could do better than his half-brother. While waiting for the test of the new MacBook Air M2, you can already consult our handling.

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