Mathieu and Alexandre embark on a new adventure, the details!

After Love is in the meadow, Mathieu and Alexandre decided to embark on a new adventure. We reveal the details!

Revealed in one of the flagship seasons of Love is in the Meadow, Mathieu and Alexandre continue to be talked about. This couple managed to attract fans attention by their passion but also the result of their story.

The latter has also linked new adventures together since leaving with Karine Le Marchand’s show. One of their latest projects should interest you if you’re a fan! We’ll explain everything to you now.

Love is in the meadow: Back to the romance of Mathieu and Alexandra!

The world of farmers is often quite complex. Between hard work and stereotypes of all kinds there are difficulties which we do not know. And that’s exactly what the show Love is on the Meadow wants to highlight. A bet that seems to be particularly successful as the team has actually been successful in helping many people in this environment find a soulmate. Mathieu and Alexandre in particular are a part of it! Their story caused a sensation from the first episodes.

In fact, these two candidates of Love are in the meadow did not take long to get closer. Their story was also pretty quick since no other candidate has succeeded in separating them. A romance that ended very well! Remember that the couple decided to leave Karine Le Marchand’s show hand in hand. The final assessment of Love is in the Meadow was also an important moment for the couple.

This is the opportunity that the latter seized formalize their relationship. This was also marked by their engagement when the couple decided to take it one step further. And now they are married! Their couple is also one of the most welded together in this show. A situation that we hope will not change over time! Meanwhile, Mathieu and Alexandre have decided to embark on a new adventure!

After love is in the meadow, they want test home exchange. An unusual attempt that we hope will go well. The announcement of this new adventure was also announced on June 22, 2022. But what is it really, and how will things develop? We will explain it to you in more detail!

A holiday for the couple!

It is a well-known fact that it is not easy to run a farm. Between work and on-site supervision, farmers and breeders can therefore not take a holiday when this period occurs. A situation that can also be stressful for them. And that Mathieu and Alexandre of Love are on the meadow understood it perfectly. It is for this reason that they decided to take another alternative!

For this new adventure, the previous graduates of Love is in the Meadow have decided to continue with a home exchange. The latter will be done with the help of the HomeExchange agency, which has made this adventure possible. And it is with another influencer that the couple decided to make this exchange. Therefore, while leaving their home in Comps, they come to an apartment in Naves.

“We’ve been hearing about home exchange for a while now, which seems to be far from vacation rentals and traditional accommodation. So it’s our turn to finally enjoy it!” had especially explained the two candidates of love are on the meadow.

For the latter, it is a moment to seize and which they intend to take full advantage of. If things go smoothly in this phase, they can try the experiment again later.

Where can one follow the adventure of the graduates of Love is in the eng?

We really enjoyed following Alexandre and Mathieu’s adventures in the air for L’amour est dans le pré. But for this new adventure, fans can follow the details on their Instagram accounts! The latter will actually share their impressions as well as the course of this house exchange.

Fans can also follow Vincent Liberator on his Instagram account. It is in fact with the latter that the couple has planned to make this home exchange. Note that the adventure will take place over a period of one week from today as explained by the organizers!

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