Nicole (Love is in the meadow) unpacks everything about her relationship problems with François

Do you remember François and Nicole? This beautiful couple was formed thanks to the flagship program of the M6 ​​”Love is in the meadow”. The farmer signed up for the program to find his girlfriend. Nicole wanted to meet him and a beautiful love story was born. After meeting and initiating a romantic relationship, the two dwarf parrots settled in the same house. Today, Nicole is four months pregnant with their first child.

Recently, the future young parents agreed to answer questions from the magazine ” Purepeople“. The opportunity for them to come up with some revelations about their couple. Objeko reports all of this in detail in this article.

François and Nicole: Emblematic Couple in the Fourteenth Season of “Love is in the Meadow”

François was a candidate in season 14 of “Love is in the meadow”, aired in 2019 on M6. The cobbler met Nicole, with whom he lives a true romance today. During an interview with “Purepeople”, this discreet couple announced the upcoming arrival of their first child. They also took the opportunity to discuss their couple, their projects, but also to come up with some revelations about their love story.

At the end of each season, Karine Lemarchand welcomes each candidate accompanied by the chosen one of her heart to make status. During this interview, François and Nicole had revealed that they did not want to get married despite their sincere feelings. Today, that has not changed. If the young woman is not against this idea, the farmer believes that marriage is not important. According to him, they do not need to be happy. Moreover, he has seen many unions end up in divorce.

To the journalists from “Purepeople”, the expectant parents revealed that they had experienced some difficulties in their relationship. Nicole had even returned to Switzerland, that’s where she works. She therefore takes back and forth to the Vendée, the region where the exploitation of her loved ones and sore is located. The beautiful brunette is preparing to give birth in France. Subsequently, the organization does not seem defined. The couple born in “Love is in the Meadow” have indicated they will keep both salaries. “So if I can find a job in the Vendée that can help …” said Nicole.

Some few problems, but a happy event on the way

“Purepeople” would like to know more about the couple problems mentioned by the young woman. And it seems that life together has not been the calmest for Nicole and François. “We lived together before. But I needed this break to take the bull by the horns a little bit.” Pretty discreet, the lovers gave no further details.

Another topic raised during this interview: the climatic conditions and their consequences on François’ farm. The latter first mentioned the impact of the bird flu in 2022, while specifying that his sector has been hit hard. The farmer actually leads a poultry farm. “But God is with me, I was the only one who resisted in the area.” he explained before addressing the climate: “Otherwise, we would say that we are a month ahead in time, so it is complicated. We do not have time to take breaks between two crop implantations. I’ve never seen that, it’s crazy. But I will not complain. In our region, this is the first time we have really been hit. We have to adapt, we have no choice. »

To complete this interview, the journalists from “Purepeople” invited the emblematic couple in the fourteenth season of “Love is in the meadow” to discuss their plans for the future. François announced that they were planning to go on vacation. As for Nicole, she specified that these were organized with other participants in the show. Both very excited about this project then announced that they would focus on the preparations to welcome their little wonder. In a few months, the dwarf parrots will become parents for the first time! So they are not going to get bored in the coming weeks!

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