Paul explains his choice and talks about the operation

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Paul *, who was educated at a private Jesuit school for boys, does not remember having known a playground where teenagers compared the size of their zizis after carefully measuring them with a double decimeter. He also does not remember any children vying for first place on the podium for the largest penis in the class. And Paul certainly would not have participated in this masquerade when he found out that his penis was too big.

According to one who is in the last years of the forties, in his time, “sex and pornography were much less present than they are now. Now every teenager has access to the full spectrum of male anatomy on their phone”.

According to the published scientific literature, Paul is the first man in the world to have undergone a penis reduction operation, and the word “undergo” is quite inappropriate when he decided on this intervention exactly five years ago, apart from any medical necessity and after a psychological assessment. He also agreed to answer my questions.

Konbini | Why is the complex of a large penis surprisingly more than a small penis? Does porn and clichés about virility have anything to do with it?

Paul | I think there are a number of clichés and stereotypes associated with it. Porn may be just one facet of society “the most beautiful, the most effective”. In the same way as for a woman’s breast. I think our society needs performance markers. It comes in the package with “the manly man; it’s Rocky, it’s Rambo”. I think these representations permeated not only the boys but also the girls. Not all of them, but the vast majority.

Statistically, the average erect penis is very far from what most men imagine. I think it’s between three and six inches when the wind is blowing the right way. So statistically speaking, it is inevitably much rarer to fall on large penises, but the over-representation of large penises makes people in the norm believe that they are sub-standard.

When did you start worrying about your penis size and what bothered you? Was it aesthetic, functional, in relation to partners?

It’s from my teens, I mean about 14 or 15 years. What bothered me was this feeling of disparity between my body and my gender. I’m not very tall and at that age I was pretty slim. When I was growing up, it always remained like background noise and it never really went away. [jusqu’à l’opération, ndlr].

I do not know if we can talk about a complex or about malaise strictly speaking, but I had a feeling of being out of step. It’s something I kept deep inside me, and it often came back to me to consider having a penis of a much smaller size.

It was not functional and I do not think my intimate relationship aroused it. It was not a problem in one way or another. I may have had one or two partners for whom the size of my penis could be a kind of discomfort, but I was not hypertrophied either! I was no Rocco Siffredi, even though my gender was above average.

How big was your penis before and after the operation?

I was about twenty inches upright. What is all in all not trivial, but also not disproportionate to the stallions we see in specialized films [pornos, ndlr]. Now it is between seven and eight centimeters upright.

How did you find out that a penis reduction operation was possible?

On a regular basis, I did research on the internet. As soon as there was Google, I wrote “reduction of penis size” in both French and English, and for a long time it gave no results. Nothing at all. But one day, in 2015, I came across this reduction that had taken place in Florida. I sent an email to the doctor but he never responded. I then spoke to a longtime friend, a doctor, who advised me to contact “a size of Liège University Hospital”. I contacted him and one led to the other, then things started.

This surgery had never been performed before, either by this urologist specializing in penile surgery or by anyone. Is it correct ?

Strictly speaking, he had not practiced reduction, but he had switched to straightening rods, which mechanically ended up with a small reduction in size. Somewhere, from a technical point of view, he had practiced a set of operations that could lead to the result that I expected, and it was only left to put it into practice.

It is true that it was a medical first because the operation in the United States was more about width than length [le sexe du patient mesurait dix-huit centimètres de longueur au repos et avait une circonférence de vingt-cinq centimètres. Son pénis présentait pour lui un réel handicap, ndlr].

Weren’t you afraid to start? What were the risks?

Already now it was that this kind of operation could be performed, a kind of light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not saying that my life, or my sex life, was far from an ordeal, but it was an inner weight that often reminded me of my fond memories.

When I met the urologist, I felt a pretty comfortable feeling. Instead of a relief, it was even a release. The risk was that it screwed up completely, more erection or even worse. But I have a reasonable trust in modern medicine, and the actions performed on me had already been performed separately on other patients.

How was the operation?

I had the choice between general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia and I chose the other. It’s a bit like an epidural. I had no anxiety or stress. The surgeon then practiced a “degloving” [incision à la base du gland pour dérouler le fourreau pénien] and then a longitudinal resection of a strip of tunica albuginea. It is an elastic membrane around which is the cutaneous sheath of the penis. We drop the vagina like a sock, we reduce the circumference of the tunica albuginea, we cut a strip of the membrane and we sew it up.

This is for the “reduction of the width of the penis” part, as for the operation in Florida. To reduce the length, four nylon threads have been laid along the tunica albuginea, from top to bottom, and the purpose of which is to limit the elongation in case of erection. The threads are super strong and they stay on. Afterwards we “reglove” and sew up the leather sheath!

My convalescence lasted a few weeks and it was painful, a bit like a sprain. It went over afterwards and today it is no longer painful at all. Based on the world premiere in question, the intervention was filmed to make a scientific documentary. I saw it, it was very strange and it was quite bloody.

Is your penis as functional as before the operation? Is it also reversible?

In terms of the “functionality” of the penis, I find it even increased. But it goes without saying that it was not won in advance. [Pour la réversibilité, Paul m’a renvoyée vers son chirurgien, qui m’a confirmé que l’opération devait être considérée comme irréversible Aussi, selon ses conseils, je vous renvoie ici à la vidéo de l’opération mais attention, âmes sensibles, s’abstenir – vraiment, ndlr].

If you had to do it again, would you do it again without hesitation? And do you talk to your partners about it?

Yes, that’s clear. I feel much better about myself. I do not talk specifically about it to my partners. Once again, there is always the risk of judgment, and they can say that “this guy is completely crazy, you have to be really crazy to get there”.

Why did you agree to testify? Is it important for you to do this?

I think I must not be the only one in this case, and I think there are people for whom, unlike me, it is a real pain. I think freedom of speech is very important.

* First name and personal information anonymized at his request.

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