She receives 47,000 euros in benefits with her 13 children, here is her story

€ 47,000 is the amount that this mother receives in child support. Enough to raise 13 kids while she’s not working!

Children sources of income

Pregnant with her 13th child, Cheryl has been in a relationship with Lee Bell for several months. They decided to have a child shortly after they met. Lee Bell, 29, is unemployed. It’s Cheryl taking care of her family full time.

The two girlfriends have already had children under their previous relationship. Only Cheryl has more than 10, while Lee Ball has one. But for them, it does not seem to be a problem. Since the British state offers them € 47,000 in family benefits. All this thanks to their 12 and soon 13 children.


13 children, 3 different fathers

Lee Ball is the third man Cheryl has had a baby with. The first 12 come from two different fathers. She got 6 with her first husband, George. The oldest is now 17 years old.

Then she got married for the second time and also had 6 other children. Among the latter, there are twins. The 13th on the way will allow Cheryl to earn additional euros. Or € 834 a year. In addition, she will receive a tax reduction of around € 4,000.

Cheryl, addicted to babies

For Cheryl, child support exists to be used. Then she says she’s “addicted to babies” and wants one “as soon as possible. She seems to be proud of it and is not afraid of people’s gaze.

“It’s nobody’s business. I can have as many babies as I want.” She said before adding: “The assistance I receive from the state, she says, was created for this purpose.”

It therefore believes that it has the right to exploit it as it should.

An uncomfortable lifestyle

Cheryl Prudham, mother, lives in the UK. Having a large family has always been his dream. But with his current lifestyle, some do not fail to point the finger at these lifestyle choices. Of course, most households go to work to feed their families. Cheryl, she receives a large sum of money through family benefits.

The queen of family benefits

The astronomical amounts collected by Cheryl gave her a nickname. Clearly, Internet users, offended by the way Cheryl earns her living, gave her the nickname Queen of Quotas.


Some go even further and call her “Britain’s most cheeky mother”. For British taxpayers, it is unacceptable to indulge in luxury with social benefits. It is for the poorest that this assistance is intended.

A petition against Cheryl’s benefits

A good deal of criticism and rumors are made about this family through social networks. Some are outraged at the amount of help Cheryl receives.

One of them has even filed a petition calling for her to be deprived of these benefits. But the one who will soon be the mother of 13 children does not seem to feel worried about the words of these gossipers. She says she has not been indifferent to the opinions of others for a long time.

Lee Bell, a brave stepfather

Lee Bell, separated and the father of a little girl, is fearless. 29 years old, unemployed, is the father of this extraordinary family. This does not seem to bother him despite his responsibilities. He also does not forget that he will soon have a 13th child to raise.

All this without mentioning their way of life not very well seen when it is still heavy. He may have thought that with what Cheryl is touching, he can be quiet. The latter actually receives almost € 50,000 in child support. Which still represents a leader’s salary. What one can offer a good life.

Cheryl’s luxury life

With what she collects, Cheryl manages to support her family. Not only does she manage to support her children, but she also lives a luxurious life. That said, she pays for herself with valuables. She even goes on vacation. If she wants, she can even have surgery.

Keep in mind that with her 13th child soon to be born, she will still have hundreds of extra euros accompanied by a tax cut. If some people knew that having children could be so beneficial …

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