who will be the bust of Draft 2022?

Every year, this is one of the questions we ask ourselves at the time of the draft: Who is this expected player as the messiah … but who will disappoint? Who is hiding his game? Who will be the next punchline in his cuvée? The great Hexperts are legion on TrashTalk, so we wanted to get wet and make our opinion known before the big ceremony. Save for a year!

Nicolas: the player who will be drafted by the Kings

Kings have the fourth choice and we all wonder what they will do with it. Will they choose Jaden Ivey? Keegan Murray? Where to exchange picked? I hope with all my heart that they do not draft my favorite Ivey because the Sacramento series has an ability to ruin careers before they even start. And even though they hit the jackpot, they demoralize their own fans by transferring the nugget two years later (hi Tyrese Haliburton). Proof that Sacramento is clearly not the place to have a long and successful career. So whoever ends up at Kings tonight, that guy is my bust. Just make sure it’s not Jaden Ivey. Thanks.

Giovanni: Chet Holmgren

Assuming it was me who wrote two years ago that Jordan Poole was the greatest bike pump in the history of this game, let’s take a big odds, a very big odds. No, Chet Holmgren will never be a player who weighs in the NBA, and I put a coin on the fact that he could well become Kristaps Porzingis in shape, but rather the Alexei Pokusevski low coast. Not that I want him eh (actually I do not care, I do not know this guy), but to tell the truth, the concept of unicorn tires me, and I do not say that because I was at the birthday party of a seven-year-old girl last Saturday. At time T? I do not know if I have ever seen him make his own shot, and when he runs, I am always afraid that he will fall. Additionally, if he gets drafted by the Thunder, we risk making a mistake when he and Poku are on the field at the same time, and quite frankly, ending this kind of argument … is a joke. See you in Boulazac in 2029 and see you in a year to put this shameful episode in my face.

Clement: Dyson Daniels

It’s far from me to say that the vacuum cleaner will be a bad player in the NBA, but the misconception about such a highly publicized choice for Dyson Daniels persists. Often compared to Lonzo Ball in his playing style, he is actually versatile but does not excel in anything. And if his defense is already good, his shots need to be perfected in a league where its importance is paramount. Maybe this G-League guest at the 2022 Rising Stars Challenge will be an important managerial point guard for a franchise one day, but a top 10 selection already seems a little too early for me. Again, it all depends on the environment he will land in (he would fit really well with the Pelicans, for example, much less with the Blazers), but I think the expectations may be too high for someone expected so early . in the Draft. The team that selects him must need just this type of point guard who plays for others and does not draw coverage for himself.

Alexander T: Dyson Daniels

It is often said that in the Top 10 of a draft, we have the cracks of today and those that may remain tomorrow. As for “Dédé”, we prefer the second option, but will have to work. A great and versatile Lonzo Ball guard, Daniels is a player who can provide playmaking and defense, but whose shooting clearly leaves something to be desired (about 30% of the parking lot). A bit problematic in a league that makes it its priority. It needs a good environment to give it time to develop quietly and show its full potential. Seeing him come in fifteenth place would have seemed more logical to me than in the Top 10. It’s up to him to show me my mistake.

Nico V: Tari Eason

A great shooter in positions 15-20. So in tidy where teams with already more or less reliable players on the outside lines are expected. I only wish Tari success, chocolate at Easter and never to go to a public restroom where there are no more PQs … but to be successful in the NBA you need to have playing time. Of course, if the coaches and their staffs are not stupid either, it will be necessary to work hard to go and scratch minutes in an already established rotation. So it’s endings or doublings you see. Either Eason stands out as a solid player, or he risks vegetating on the bench with little to eat.

Loan: Shaedon Sharpe

People often resent older players who have three or four years of college in their legs, but what about those who have zero? Shaedon Sharpe has not entered the field in an official match since October 16, and the last match was a high school match. Yes, the Canadian has a name that blows up and legs of fire, but it’s not just during training for four months that you learn to prepare for the NBA. Although the kid from Ontario has big hands and feathers instead of calves, that’s not going to be everything when he arrives in the NBA. The child will get a nice slap in the face by seeing the level difference between meeting children who do not know Pythagoras’ theorem and having to defend themselves against fathers who have children his age. But Sharpe will have to adapt quickly, otherwise his first season in the League will quickly become a nightmare. And if this is not resolved by the end of his rookie contract, we can quickly say that the Canadian is a disappointment drafted too high.

Valentine: Shaedon Sharpe

It’s always hard to announce a bust with such talented guys who have a great future ahead of them. But even though I have to choose, I go after Shaedon Sharpe. The Canadian’s talent and potential is huge, and if the guy is still being advertised as a top 5-6 overall, it’s not for nothing. His athleticism and shooting efficiency make him a potential NBA superstar. Several things, however, do not reassure me in his case. Clearly, his white years after high school are not playing in his favor. Especially since the guy has retained his record in the Draft as he could get everyone to agree on his potential by having a real season in the NCAA next year. There we stand with a promising prospect, but who have not rubbed shoulders with the competition for months, and face guys who have nothing to do with the physical monsters of the NBA. The gap can be difficult for the young person to collect. In addition, we are talking about a player who first exploded in his final year of high school and who could take longer than others to perform at the highest level. A lot of elements that therefore do not lean on him, and which make me think that it is risky to draft this player so high compared to some of his colleagues, who are expected around 5th place.

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