20 Mint, Meta-media: “the media must enter nfts”

Can we one day follow news in the metaverse as in a 3D animation? Laurent Bainier, Editor-in-Chief of 20 minutes and Laure Beaudonnet, meta-affiliated cultural journalist, are its prophets. They present their new free supplement, 20 minutes, Webbibel3. Interview decoded.

1eh April last year you announced the launch of your supplement specializing in Web3, 20 minutes. Wasn’t that a joke?
Laurent Bainier: Everyone thought it was April Fool’s joke. And our readers did not expect that. But it is precisely because there was no enthusiasm on their part beforehand that we decided to start. This indifference from the readership is a luxury we can not afford: these innovations will land tomorrow and will quickly impact our lives. Our role as free media is to provide keys to readers.

Why this name 20 minutes ?
Lawrence: The “coin” is an essential moment in a course in Web3, that is when you create an NFT or a token on a blockchain. It’s a bit of a signal of freedom. And then the pun, of course …

You started by selling a “20 Minutes” NFT at auction. Then by selling 999 NFTs. What exactly is the project?
Lawrence: After the auction event, led by Laure, we put 999 NFTs – typewriters – up for sale on Ethereum. Everything was sold out in less than 24 hours. On June 16, we will hand out ours 20 minutes instead of 20 minutes usual. We are going to surprise our readers by putting them face to face with 24 pages of information about NFTs, cryptocurrencies, the meta verse … It’s up to us to interest them.
Laura Beaudonnet: Each NFT cost 280 euros, so we tell ourselves that we gathered people who were sensitive to these issues, curious in any case.

What are the benefits of owning one of your NFT typewriters?
Lawrence: Become part of our community, enter a private and exclusive channel. And suddenly to suggest speakers, themes, topics for the next issues. We wanted this sale of NFTs to be the start of something, not the end. Then, and thanks to the funding of boxes like Ledger or Coinhouse, we will make a kitty available to our community to launch projects in the blockchain. All this is already taking place on Discord. For some time, on Twitch, with participatory interviews. And finally, in the metaverse, it is the logical result of the process!
Laura: We offer editorial engagement, a bit like Wikipedia.

You use terms like “community,” “commitments,” etc. Will the metajournalist be an influencer?
Lawrence: When I say community, it’s fans within a readership of 20 million people for us. Nothing to do with influencers. It’s a shame if we forbid ourselves to use the term to collaborate, because of the dark hours in our history, the term community because Nabilla uses it to sell shampoo, and commitment because ‘we do not have a PowerPoint with key indicators. We are a citizen newspaper, these terms also belong to us.

With this NFT project you are pioneers in the French media landscape.
Laura: In France, perhaps. But in the US last March, a columnist was from New York Times sold one of its items as an NFT for over $ 500,000. What is really groundbreaking in our idea is this new opportunity to fund the press thanks to cryptocurrencies.
Lawrence: The media must enter NFTs!

You could imagine that Paris Match Where Released can sell historic fry in NFT.
Lawrence: Or Technikart

We’re working on it! But do you think we are mentally ready to switch to Web3?
Laura: It’s still in its infancy … It’s even the jungle, a bit like at the beginning of the internet. It still lacks interfaces, tools. But it would be foolish to refuse the arrival of Web3 because it changes everything, especially for the users and the protection of their personal data. Unlike Web2 which is based on this centralization. What we fear is the arrival of big companies like Facebook, which have already begun to address the issue. But in reality, Facebook is not Web3, it is Web2 ++.

Lawrence: We must have our fingers in these new technologies, be hyperactive. They are indefinable and will become what we decide to do with them.


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