Solana unveils its “crypto laptop”

To take full advantage of the Web3 experience on the phone, something that is still difficult at the moment, Solana unveils its “crypto laptop” to remedy this.

While the crypto industry is in turmoil, there has just been a breath of fresh air with the announcement of Solana and a big news in the industry.

The CEO and co-founder of Solana Anatoly Yakovenko has just unveiled in New York the upcoming launch of Saga, a smartphone developed in close collaboration with Android, which aims to optimize the Web3 experience and the features of mobile phones. Something that users are currently missing, according to Solana.

For Yakovenko, this was a necessity and an emergency, because after 13 years since the birth of Bitcoin, Apple has not yet offered this kind of tool.

“It is something fundamental and something that the industry must achieve. We do not see a single crypto-related application or measurement from Apple developers, while Bitcoin has been alive for 13 years now. “

Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO of Solana.

through SolanaMobileSolana thus moves up a gear and breaks an important barrier, even though a new one is being written in the cryptosphere and technological innovations.

The mobile phone is first available in Europe, USA, Canada and UK and is expected in the first quarter of 2023 and Waiting list for pre-orders is already open to everyone. With an initial deposit of $ 100 from the USDC, which is refundable at any time, the claim can be made for this phone, which will cost $ 1,000 upon release.

The device, which is undoubtedly ideal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, has some interesting features similar to other advanced mobile phones. However, the main assets are related to the crypto industry and the ambition that the sector’s technology is conquering mobile telephony.

The phone will mainly target people who are connected to the crypto universe and want to access their wallets, Web3 and the NFT world. One of its main features: decentralized applications that use Solana blockchain will be supported on the device.

SMS: Solana Mobile Stack

Along with the announcement of Saga, SolanaMobile’s future mobile phone, Yakovenko also presented another news item with the upcoming launch of Solana Mobile Stack, already called SMS on social networks, a Web3 layer for Solana built on a mobile phone.

For the prominent guests present at the conference, such as Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX but also financial partner in the SMS project, this product is of great importance because everything is now linked to our mobile phones.

‘Everything is moving towards mobile phones. In most countries, people’s access is gained on a daily basis through their mobile phones, but the availability of cryptocurrencies is currently not optimal on mobile phones ”.

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX.

For Solana Labs telephone engineer Steven Laver, the feeling is the same, as is the need for SMS.

“Web3 makes it feel like it’s still 2007 […] SMS can build a unique experience for the community ”

Steven Laver, engineer at Solana Labs.

SMS will include a number of products that have been detailed on Twitter account from Solana in a long thread that will surely be read with attention by the Solana community, and even the crypto industry in general. A tool that will also be used to enhance the Web3 experience from our laptops, and which will first be available on Saga.

Source: Twitter

The strengths of SMS are numerous and also include Seed Vault built and integrated into a secure hardware, the ability to easily sign transactions in a secure and fast way, the functionality of Solana Pay on Android or even a decentralized dApp store.

Within this project, various companies are engaged in especially FTX, Phantom, Magic Eden and therefore Solana, but a $ 10 million fund has also been created to help developers build applications related to Saga and SMS.

A remarkable announcement in the cryptosphere, and which, at least if successful, could make Solana a great technology with Samsung, Apple, Microsoft or Android.


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